Focus On Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam School

by NYC Firm Schools on September 22, 2010

The Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam School in The Bronx is a unique Jewish co-ed school. At least, it is co-ed up to the sixth grade. After that, girls and boys are separated.

The school focuses on pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and middle school students. Each student receives individual attention and they are capable of working with learning disabled children. The Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam campus is equipped with a resource room for remedial education as a part of its facilities.

While the school has the capacity to educate up to 99 students at one time, there is usually only about 50 students (give or take) enrolled concurrently. Extracurricular activities include physical education, field trips, choir, dancing and machanayim.

Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam has a strict dress code and discourages television and VCR use in the classroom. They do, however, have a computer lab.

Total number of staff is 20 and for financial aid the school has a need-based policy.

Beth Jacob-Beth Miriam School is located at 2126 Barnes Avenue in The Bronx. The phone number is 718-892-8830.

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