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Focus On Beth Rivkah Preschool

Beth Rivkah Schools are based in Brooklyn and offer a curriculum based on Jewish identity. They have an early childhood division, an elementary school, a high school, and a division of higher learning. Based on the Chabad philosophy, the early childhood all-girls school focuses on the early development of children with the idea that the early years serve as a foundation for the rest of life.

Faculty at Beth Rivkah Early Childhood Development Center seek to boost the self-esteem of children, teach respect for others, foster independence, and build a sense of responsibility coupled with pride in Jewish identity.

Teachers and faculty at Beth Rivkah incorporate a wide variety of teaching styles, including older girls coming to the lower levels of the school and mentoring or teaching younger girls or performing for them. One of the aspects of the curriculum is a drama curriculum that allows young children to play the part in dramatic pieces that teach them facts about life as well as give them practical experience in how the facts impact their own lives.

Beth Rivkah Early Childhood Center also offers a Head Start support service. Affiliated with Crown Multi-Educational Services, children ages 3 to 5 are evaluated and offered speech, occupational, and physical therapy along with counseling, if necessary.

The Beth Rivkah early childhood education department is a positive and nurturing experience for young girls that prepares them elementary school.

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