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Focus On Beth Rivkah Schools

Beth Rivkah Schools, located in Brooklyn, NYC, consist of an early learning center, an elementary school, a high school, and a seminary division of higher learning. The schools are Jewish schools for girls designed to prepare them for womanhood.

The schools are founded on the Chabad philosophy, which integrates love for God, a commitment to intellectual development, an understanding of the Torah, and a love for fellow Jews with an appreciation for the uniqueness of each individual. Education begins in early childhood where young girls are taught social skills and given an opportunity to grow spiritually as well as physically and emotionally.

The Beth Rivkah Elementary School encompasses grades 1 through 8. Children learn to develop confidence and are given plenty of opportunities to learn to grow through self discovery and self expression.

In high school, girls are given plenty of opportunities to learn the basic concepts of Jewish law along with Jewish and Chassidic philosophy. Also, a broad knowledge of Tanach and Jewish and general history are incorporated into educational fundamentals and graduates of the Beth Rivkah High School go on to some of the best seminaries in the world.

The Beth Rivkah Seminary is one of the few Jewish teacher training institutions in North America.

Beth Rivkah schools are a great opportunity for Jewish girls to grow into fully developed Jewish women.

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