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by NYC Firm Schools on November 18, 2010

Since 1962, the Block Institute School in Brooklyn, NYC has provided educational opportunities for children with disabilities. In addition to providing education and evaluation services for children ages three through eight, the school also has services for adults with disabilities.

The range of disabilities Block Institute School offers services for include:

  • ASD (autism spectrum disorders)
  • Attention deficit disorders
  • Emotional disturbances
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Global development delays
  • Cognitive delays
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Medical fragilities
  • and Neuro-motor disorders

Through Adaptive Physical education, children receive instruction in martial arts, drama, expressive arts, and fine arts. Block Institute School contains an Applied Behavior Analysis program for students with autism and emotional disorders. It also houses an indoor swimming pool with a certified swim instructor and lifeguard.

In addition to physical and emotional therapies, Block Institute School provides speech and language evaluations in English and Spanish. Special Education Itinerant Teacher services are also offered at the school, at students’ homes, in daycare, or in a child’s preschool.

Block Institute School also offers a wide variety of clinical services.

Block Institute School has its educational programs split into two distinct plans: Preschool and School Age Special Education. The Preschool program caters to children ages three to five. The School Age plan is for children ages five through eight. The school’s Pals for Paws program incorporates pets into therapeutic strategies for children with disabilities and the school has been very successful in achieving positive results.

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