Focus On Cathedral High School

by NYC Firm Schools on October 4, 2010

Cathedral High School is dedicated to delivering a high quality Catholic education to high school students. The school is located in Manhattan at 350 East 56th Street.

The school is a college preparatory school for girls so it serves grades 9-12 exclusively. While the school is associated with the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, young women of all faiths and cultures are accepted. Open since 1905, one of the hallmarks of education at Cathedral High School is academics. Girls who attend Cathedral get as good an academic foundation as possible.

Every school day and school year begins with a traditional Catholic Mass. Students have the opportunity to participate in Mass and throughout the school year there are special Mass services to celebrate historic occasions.

Girls take religion classes that are intended to respect all religious traditions but also to impart the full impact that Jesus should have on the individual’s life.

Cathedral High School offers Advanced Placement for extraordinary academic performance and great programs in health and law for students who are interested in pursuing career goals in those professions. The school also offer great extracurricular activities, including clubs that meet after school. For sports, girls can choose soccer or basketball in the Fall and Valleyball or softball in the spring.

Cathedral High School prepares girls grades 9-12 for college and beyond.

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