Focus On Church Of God Christian Academy

by NYC Firm Schools on November 2, 2010

The Church of God Christian Academy makes no apologies for educating its students in the traditions of the Christian church and American heritage. As a part of its core curriculum, students learn the three mandatory pledges:

  • American Pledge
  • Christian Pledge
  • Bible Pledge

Located in the Far Rockaway neighborhood of Queens, NYC, the primary purpose of the school is to teach its students to obey Scriptural imperatives such as the one found in Deuteronomy 6:5-7. The school is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination, but it does teach Christian principles and uses the School of Tomorrow (A.C.E.) curriculum.

Students from Church of God Christian Academy have been accepted into some of the best colleges and universities in the world, including military academies, ivy league universities, and technical colleges.

Students are required to wear a school uniform, which is outlined on the school’s website.

Church of God Christian Academy accepts children from age 5 through high school. The school also only accepts faculty who “have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ” and that they live a life that reflects that. Faculty should also care as much about the souls of their students as they do their intellects and academic skills.

Church of God Christian Academy takes education seriously, but it also seeks to instill a strong faith in all its students.

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