Focus On Cortelyou Academy

by NYC Firm Schools on October 6, 2010

Cortelyou Academy is a part of the Cortelyou Early Childhood Centers and focuses on developing the child into a responsible young man or woman. Learning strategies are designed to build self respect and self reliance.

Child care options include ages 2-6 and first through fifth grades.

The younger children get a full- or part-time curriculum that challenges each student to grow in language development, math skills, reading, phonics, science, social studies and even second languages.

Elementary age children get a challenging curriculum as well. The education alternatives are designed to reach each child at his learning cap, focusing on giftedness where necessary and addressing special challenges as they arise.

Cortelyou Academy’s after school programs also provide children from other schools a place to go after school and continue their learning in a safe environment.

Another unique aspect of the school year at Cortelyou is the mid-year camp, which resembles a summer camp and takes place at three different times during the school year. And then there is a summer camp program as well.

If you are looking for a unique education alternative in Brooklyn that focuses on educating the child in more than just a classroom setting then try Cortelyou Academy.

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