Focus On E & A Freedom Center

by NYC Firm Schools on May 12, 2012

The E & A in E & A Freedom Center stands for education and achievement. And the center most certainly lives up to its name.

Located in the Bronx, E & A Freedom Center is a rare day care center in that it is open 24 hours a day. Work the night shift? You can drop your children off to be cared for while you pull third shift. And they care for children in the infant stage as well as school age children.

The staff is highly trained and professional. Infants 3 months and up are welcome. The center offers special activities for toddlers along with classroom training with age-appropriate educational classes. Preschool and school age children also have classroom training opportunities in mixed-age groups with a wide range of learning opportunities that allow them to develop at their own speed and along a natural path.

E & A Freedom Center was founded in 2005 as a family day care center. The center is now run independently and has established itself as having a strong reputation in the community.

In addition to a full curriculum based on the age and maturity of the children in the classroom, the center has merchandise available for sale that includes uniforms, baby shirts, hats, and summer program shirts. The center hosts a summer educational and activity program as well.

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