Focus On East Harlem School At Exodus

by NYC Firm Schools on October 31, 2010

East Harlem School at Exodus is a year-round middle school located – where else? – in East Harlem. The school teaches children from low-income families to prepare themselves academically and morally to pursue excellence in their lives with a commitment toward building a solid future as a good citizen.

The average class size is 15, which allows for more individual free time for each student.

Exodus House started in 1963 as a drug rehabilitation center. It has grown to be a major part of Harlem culture and in 1984 was converted to an after school and summer educational program. In 1993 the year-round middle school was started.

Reaching out to students in grades 5-8 is more than an independent mission. It’s a calling and the educators at East Harlem School at Exodus take pride in that calling.

By addressing the needs of the whole child, educators can reach at-risk kids before they get into high school and divert social catastrophes like teenage pregnancy, drug addiction, school drop outs, and violent crime before they happen. It’s working because the students, who start out with the lowest percentile math and reading scores go on to great achievements.

In addition to academics, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities, including a yearly poetry slam.

At East Harlem School at Exodus, students are encouraged to do their very best to be their very best.

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