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Focus on Ecole Internationale De New York

Ecole Internationale De New York is a new French International school located at 111 East 22nd Street in NYC, at Park Avenue South. The school focuses on a bilingual educational curriculum, offering children a chance at a diverse learning structure and a chance to understand and accept cultural differences.

The Ecole Internationale de New York encourages the success of each student in a diverse, multicultural environment that combines the excellence of French and American academics. The school offers students the opportunity to think critically and work independently in multiple educational systems. It aspires to develop well educated, well rounded, responsible and compassionate world citizens.

Students learn to speak, think and live in at least three languages, with a foundation in the classical and disciplined French instruction and the American system, which encourages more critical thinking, questions and creativity. Together, this makes students more worldly in knowledge.

At the school, children learn through the rigor of the French educational system combined with the cultural wealth of the American educational system. Other languages are also taught at the school to help students become quite diverse in culture and language. Mandarin is taught at the 4th grade level and students will also have the option to learn other languages such as Spanish, Arabic and Latin in higher grades.

The school teaches children from Nursery through 5th grade. EINY enrolls French speaking and non-French speaking students from the local community, as well as from international schools in Western Europe and around the world.

The Philosophy of the School states:

Gandhi said, “If we are to reach real peace in this world … we shall have to begin with children.” In today’s world, it is ever more important that our children, the leaders of tomorrow, understand, appreciate and respect the differences between people, countries, governments, religions, beliefs, and customs.

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