Focus On Eladia’s Kids

by NYC Firm Schools on May 15, 2012

Located on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, Eladia’s Kids has a long history of providing day care services to children ages 3 months to 5 years old.

The preschool offers a structured environment that helps develop communication and social skills.

Named for its founder, Eladia Causil-Rodriquez, who is also the owner and director of the school, Eladia’s Kids got its start in 1980 in service to the Park Slope community. The bedrock of the philosophy at Eladia’s Kids consists of three principles:

  1. Children are whole and independent human beings
  2. Children are responsible for their choices and learn to make choices that positively impact their lives
  3. It is the job of educators to guide children, not rule over them

A typical day at Eladia’s kids begins with parents dropping their children off and the children enjoying play time. After play time is circle time where children connect with their teachers and peers and review activities for the day. Then there is a break for the potty/diaper changing and a morning snack. After curricular activities the children play outdoor in some sports or recreation, then they break for lunch. After lunch is nap time, potty break, afternoon review, and a snack. The final activity for the day is usually music, free play, or Spanish lessons.

Eladia’s Kids tries to maintain a fun atmosphere for the children while teaching them age-appropriate lessons that prepare them for a lifetime of learning.

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