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by NYC Firm Schools on October 28, 2010

Evangel Christian School is a nonprofit school with 550+ students Pre-K through high school. The school got its start in 1987 and is located in Queens, New York.

Evangel’s website states that all subjects are taught with a Christian understanding and interpretation.

Preschool starts at age 3 and students learn the basics of social interaction including sharing and respect for others. Children are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers, and letters and listen to Bible stories. Pre-K students also get a healthy dose of art, music, and physical education.

Kindergarten students get introduced to math and reading and memorize Bible verses. Social development, coordination skills, and proper work habits are also taught at this level.

In grades 1-5 students get a larger dose of Bible memorization and in-depth knowledge. Students are taught to read phonetically and studies are used to enhance vocabulary. An intricate math program is also emphasized. Social studies follows the state of New York syllabus with a Christian interpretation. Other studies include life science, physical science, art, music, physical education, computer classes, and library studies.

High school students at Evangel Christian School are challenged academically with all the required basics. Diplomas offered include:

  • Local Diploma – Students must pass all required classes and meet minimum test scores in certain disciplines.
  • Regents Diploma – Students must pass required classes and meet a higher standard on test scores.
  • Regents Diploma With Distinction – Students must meet the requirements for the Regents Diploma and meet an 85% minimum on tests.
  • Advanced Regents Diploma
  • Advanced Regents Diploma With Distinction

Students at Evangel Christian School are also given an opportunity to earn college credits and may participate in an annual missions trip. Evangel also have a great selection of extracurricular activities and sports for both boys and girls. And the school welcomes international students.

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