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by NYC Firm Schools on November 12, 2010

YMCA is an American staple. Even in New York.

The Flushing YMCA, located in Queens, NYC, has a preschool program and a nursery school.

The nursery school at Flushing YMCA takes in children ages 2.9 through 6 years. The focus is on developing cognitive skills as well as social, physical, and emotional growth. Children learn how to share and participate in groups. They’re also given a chance to grow in foundational academic subjects like reading, writing, and mathematics by focusing on the basic age-appropriate skills.

At age 4, children are introduced to pre-kindergarten at the YMCA. The curriculum is based on a theme-based approach to learning the basic subjects. Each classroom is equipped with the following learning modules:

  • Listening
  • Block
  • Math and Science Library
  • Computer
  • Dramatic Play
  • Art
  • Sand & Water Centers

YMCA stands for Young Men’s Christian Association. The early childhood education program is open to boys and girls of the appropriate age. The Universal Pre-Kindergarten program runs a half a day and parents are given a choice between AM or PM classes.

Visit the Flushing YMCA website for more information.

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