Focus On IVDU Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on October 11, 2010

IVDU schools are a special-needs-based set of schools in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn that serve all five boroughs of New York City. Free transportation is provided to all students in all five boroughs.

The school serves boys and girls ages 5-21. The name IVDU is an acronym, which stands for Individualized Vocational Development Unit.

IVDU offers education and development programs in three areas of focus:

  • Elementary school for girls (K-6)
  • Upper School for girls (ages 13-21)
  • and Upper School for boys (ages 13-21)

IVDU boasts of small class sizes, giving a respectable teacher-student ratio to enhance more one-on-one development time. There is also differentiated learning plans so that each student can receive the full benefit of development unique to his or her situation.

The core focus of each school is to provide strong academic and social skills foundations for the students to better prepare them for life in the modern world. The goal is to make each student productive in community life.

In addition to academics and social skills development, IVDU students gain instruction in Judaics and Hebrew in the elementary phase. Upper School students also receive vocational training. All students get to participate in enrichment activities and physical education development.

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