Focus On Kane Street Kids

by NYC Firm Schools on June 17, 2012

Kane Street Kids is a part of the Kane Street Jewish Synagogue located in Brooklyn. The programs for kids consist of

  • A preschool
  • A Hebrew school
  • Bar and Bat Mitzvah
  • Post B’nai Mitzvah Teens
  • and family programs

The preschool opened its doors in September 2005 as the first conservative Jewish preschool serving the downtown Brooklyn area. The school offers a program for younger twos and a separate program for older twos. Then there is a program for three year olds. Pre-K is open to four year olds and children turning five. School opens at 8 a.m. for drop off and classes begin at 9 a.m. Which day classes meet depends on the age of the child and the program he or she is in.

The Hebrew school serves as an introduction to Judaism for school age children. Roshanim is offered to three and four year olds on Wednesdays. Gan (Kindergarten) is open on Mondays. Alef, Bet for first and second graders is open on Wednesdays. Gimmel, Dalet, Hey, Vav, and Zayin are open to children in grades three through six on Mondays and Wednesdays. Hitromem is a seventh grade program on Tuesdays. And Bogrim is open on Tuesdays for students grades eight through eleven.

Children enrolled in Hebrew School learn conversational Hebrew and are expected to attend Shabbat. For more information about Kane Street Kids, visit the synagogue website.

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