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by NYC Firm Schools on May 11, 2012

Make just one visit to the website of Kids’ Canvas and you’ll want to visit the campus. Located in Bushwick Brooklyn, the idea is to allow children to have fun while learning how to mature at a natural pace.

Kids’ Canvas “loosely follows” the Reggio Emilia approach. Children lead their own projects and explore on their own with guidance from teachers and staff.

Facilities at Kids’ Campus include a puppet theater, a dollhouse, a couple of parakeets that like to join in the fun, and plenty of space for running around. A reading room is available with a tropical fish for added environment. There is also a large art room with an easel. A resident kitchen is home to a compost bin with live worms. Outside is a large playground and a huge back yard where children can participate in gardening projects when the weather permits.

The school is open to children ages 2 to 5. The teacher-to-child ratio is kept to 1:5 or lower. Classes are used to build speech and ccommunication skills, self-confidence, sharing, listening, taking turns, and speaking to groups. Children also take plenty of field trips.

Called Explorations, field trips have included a visit to the Bushwick City Farm as a part of Earth Day, a trip to the studio of Jules de Balincourt, and a visit to Storefront Gallery to see a show on “String Theory.”

Kids’ Canvas is a fun and exciting atmosphere where children go to grow and learn.

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