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by NYC Firm Schools on June 20, 2012

Kinderhaus is the first German immersion school in New York City and it’s located in Brooklyn.

The school offers preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten, a full German immersion after school program, summer camps, mini-holiday camps, and enrichment classes for preschoolers and elementary age children. The school serves the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and broader New York City.

In cooperation with the German government organization Zentralstelle fur das Auslandsschulwesen, Kinderhaus has a structured developmentally appropriate program that focuses on intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth. Staff encourage children to take responsibility for their learning. The language immersion program is designed to merge the best of European kindergarten and American education.

The curriculum at Kinderhaus includes

  • Phonological awareness through literacy and language training
  • Science and mathematics
  • Social studies with emphasis on the development of critical thinking skills
  • Creative and dramatic arts
  • Music and movement

The after school program is a full program developed for children ages two through seven. It includes movement through yoga and sports; beginner and advanced reading and writing; music, rhythm, and piano; theatre, pantomime, and acting; and Waldgruppe.

Waldgruppe is an outdoor adventure program designed to help young children learn about nature.

Summer camp is a fun experience for children ages two through eight. Again, an emphasis on language acquisition is done through a wide variety of activities including outdoor play, science, movement, art, theater and role play, music, and cooking.

Learn more about the Kinderhaus German immersion program from the school’s website.

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