Focus on Le Petit Paradis: Bilingual French Preschool

by NYC Firm Schools on July 13, 2010

If you have always wanted your child to grow up learning a second language, the mission of Le Petit Paradis just might be the school for you to try. A bilingual French Preschool, Le Petit Paradis is located at 1656 Third Avenue in New York City. The school combines the practicality and independence of the Montessori method with the imagination and creativity of the Bank Street philosophies of education, thus allowing students a strong education right from the start.

We teach children about an eco-friendly way of life, giving them awareness for the future of their planet. We contribute a unique service using education, psychology, communication, caring and nurturing with elements of creativity, play, recreation, enthusiasm, fun, humor and lots of love - resulting in confidence, independence, high self-esteem and overall happiness. That’s why we call it The Little Paradise!!

Utilizing the Montessori program gives children the chance to experiment in learning rather than being shown. They are also allowed to take their time in learning, rather than jumping from one subject to the next. Fragile items are used on occasion so students learn how to handle fragile materials, creating a soft hand, just as liquid pouring creates good hand-to-eye coordination. Both French and English are used throughout.

Utilizing the Bank Street education introduces children to their creative sides. Material is offered so students are able to make costumes and in art, they use their own creative instincts to describe what they have drawn rather than being told if what they have created is right or wrong. Students learn how to build and cook, music and dance and reading is encouraged. Through both philosophies, children are able to grow to be their own person, in their own way.

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