Focus On Lehman College Child Care Center

by NYC Firm Schools on June 26, 2012

One of the most important services a college or university can offer its students is a child care center. It has become a trend in recent years for parents to go back to school to complete what was left undone or to pursue a new career or obtain a degree to continue their current career. And because many parents often have a hard time finding sitters when they need them the most, colleges in New York City are providing them with day care during class times.

Lehman College in Bronx is one of those local colleges that offers a child care center for its students. In fact, the college broke ground on the new center last September and opened its doors for business this spring.

The center contains six classrooms and a multipurpose room. There is also a natural playground with traditional playground equipment, a garden space, boulders, and other amenities.

The Lehman College Child Care Center has been providing quality day care and educational services for young children for three decades. Students of Lehman College can be grateful that they can complete their education because of this service. It is a very important mission and a huge part of the college, which many students and community members find to be a big inspiration.

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