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Focus On Lyceum Kennedy Japanese School

Lyceum Kennedy follows the international school model and has two bilingual components – a Japanese school and a French school.

The Japanese component of Lyceum Kennedy includes an infant class and a preschool that admits children 3.4 to 5 years old. The school’s emphasis is on building leadership while educating children to grow in their learning and in their culture. Besides instruction in the Japanese language, students take an English as a Second Language class.

School at Lyceum Kennedy includes a well-balanced plate of educational instruction and play time. Children learn to socialize and exercise while playing and take on reading, math, and growth activities through normal classroom training and instruction.

Faculty attempt to get the parents involved in the education process by fostering an environment of cooperation.

Parents go on excursions with their children, which is a morale booster for the children as they see their parents take an active interest in their education. Students participate in festivals, rallies, field trips, art appreciation ceremonies, round-table conferences, and other learning activities in a social environment.

Lyceum Kennedy also offers a tutoring program for its Japanese students. The Saturday remedial class works to increase students’ vocabularies and relationships with other students and teachers. There is an elementary class, a junior high class, and a Nihongo class.

Other Lyceum Kennedy Japanese programs include a summer school, storytelling, “board fun,” and a parent-child classroom.

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