Focus On Maple Street School

by NYC Firm Schools on July 7, 2012

The Maple Street School is Brooklyn based preschool for children ages 2 through 4. The primary focus of the school is play-based with an environment that is conducive to education. The school is from September until June, Mondays through Fridays, 9am until 3pm. There is an after-school program that allows children to remain until 6pm as well as a part-time program that allows children to remain until 12:30pm.

A unique aspect to Maple Street School is the cooperative. The families of of the students are expected to share in the responsibilities of cleaning the school, providing snacks and any other needs that may arise. Even the admissions criteria involves the opinions of the other parents of attending students.

The school functions as a play-based nursery school and to that end the majority of their activities are based on children simply playing and having fun. To that end the school encourages the children to be imaginative and curious while exploring the world around them in a safe and secure environment. The children are separated into classes based on age and age appropriate activities are led by the teacher as well as individual activities led by the children. The school offers both inside and outside play with monthly field trip to various locations throughout the immediate area.

While there are no specific academic subjects taught, early reading, science and math skills are encouraged within the context of play. Children are taken on nature walks, taught to count and taught to read simple words. This is all based on the individual readiness of each child.

See the website of the Maple Street School for more details or to apply.

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