Focus On Miraj Islamic School

by NYC Firm Schools on October 14, 2010

The Miraj Islamic School is committed to making the miraj the focal point of academics. To that end they honor the prophet Muhammad and his personal miraj.

The school’s mission is to provide an excellent education to all students, engendering trust in Allah while building a solid foundation in science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, the practice of Islam and Q’uranic studies. Serving Pre-K through eighth grade, The Miraj School is located in Staten Island.

Starting in the Pre-K program, The Miraj School educates students in Arabic, Islamic Studies and Q’uranic Studies in addition to the foundational disciplines of a strong education to include computers and physical education. Students not only learn to read and write, but they also learn to fast and pray and to respect Islamic traditions like Ramadan. Holy days are observed.

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