Focus On Moore Catholic High School

by NYC Firm Schools on October 19, 2010

Located at 100 Merrill Avenue in Staten Island, NYC, Moore Catholic High School is a school that is both Christ-centered and people-centered. The school focuses on preparing its students for college and even offers AP level classes as well as college level courses.

Entering Freshmen are required to take an introduction to the Christian Faith course along with other basic academic classes. Juniors and Seniors are offered foreign language classes. Each year, students are required to take at least one course in Christian living or Biblical studies. Seniors have a huge list of electives they may take in addition to required courses.

In addition to honors and AP coursework, Moore Catholic High School offers a prestigious Presentation Scholar’s Academy. It is a rigorous program of challenging academic programs with required coursework in religion, English, social studies, foreign language, science, mathematics, computers and art, health and music. The program is focused on self-directed learning and critical thinking.

But more than just academics, the school also offers opportunities for extracurricular activities including sports, performing arts and ministry opportunities.

Moore Catholic High School is a college preparatory school for boys and girls that integrates faith with a strong academic program.

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