Focus On Park West Montessori

by NYC Firm Schools on February 28, 2012

Park West Montessori is an Upper West Side of Manhattan preschool that is also a part of the Twin Parks system.

Twin Parks consists of three schools: Park West, Central Park, and Riverside. Park West offers a 10-month program and a 12-month preschool program. The 12-month program is brand new. Both programs are open to children 3 months to 4 years old.

The Montessori method has a long tradition that has been effective for a lot of students and parents. Park West Montessori carries that tradition forward with an infant class, a toddler class, and an early childhood class. The hallmark of this educational method is that it caters to the individuality of each child allowing each child to learn at his or her own pace and according to his or her own learning style.

The infant class is designed to build trust and to help infants learn and grow according to their natural development and individual needs.

In the toddler class, children learn to develop independence, self control, and get over the initial separation anxiety of being away from parents and the comfort of the home environment. Park West teachers aid in the development of your toddler child’s first introduction to communication and toilet training.

The early childhood development program at Park West Montessori Preschool is to prepare your child for kindergarten and to foster a natural learning that helps the child develop at his or her own pace. Children learn by doing and teachers at Park West help your child get in touch with their environment in a safe and encouraging manner.


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