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by NYC Firm Schools on October 23, 2010

Parkway School, located in Brooklyn NYC at 5566 Kings Highway, is ranked as one of the best private and independent schools in Brooklyn. The school is divided into a Lower Division, Middle Division, and Upper Division.

The Lower School offers educational choices for preschool children ages 2-4. The school focuses on basic skills that introduce young learners to language arts skills, motor skills, reading and mathematics.

The Middle School is for children in kindergarten through fifth grade. Educators try to move each student to a proficiency in reading and writing with studies in mathematics, social studies, science, and language arts. Parkway School appeals to students’ natural curiosity to answer their questions about the world around them and to instill a love of lifelong learning.

The Upper School is for children in grades six through eight. Studies include language arts and literature, mathematics, science and social studies.

At every level of education at Parkway School, students are encourage to excel in academics and socializing. A summer school is also offered.

Parkway was founded in 1982 and has developed a reputation for strong academics since the first day of its opening. The school prides itself on this success with the following principles:

  • Children are respected
  • Children learn skills to facilitate a lifelong love of learning
  • Children are the center of their own learning
  • Children learn to recognize strengths and weaknesses in themselves and others

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