Focus On Philosophy Day School

by NYC Firm Schools on February 23, 2011

Philosophy Day School is a unique private school in New York City. Located in a six-story townhouse in Manhattan, the school is a nice composite of Yin-Yang and East meets West. It is an independent school, unaffiliated with any religion, for boys and girls from nursery school through fifth grade that seeks to build character and integrity through a classical education model.

The school is within walking distance of many of Manhattan’s finest museums, zoo, and other public amenities. Faculty at Philosophy Day School consider these to be an extension of the classroom and use them often.

Founded in 1994 by a group of parents, Philosophy Day School is grounded in The School Of Practical Philosophy.

The Philosophy Day School is also associated with the World Wide Affiliated Schools.

Academics at Philosophy Day School is focused on building character and developing wisdom. Each child receives individualized attention and academic instruction. Teachers also use full classroom instruction and small group interaction to highlight the lesson plans.

Art, music, and drama are considered essential subjects at the school and are worked into the curriculum. Students also get physical exercise every day through a physical education program. Finally, the PDS Enrichment Program encourages each child to explore their natural inclination toward faith, meaning the faith of his or her choice.

Philosophy Day School also offers an after school program and frequent field trips.

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