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by NYC Firm Schools on June 18, 2011

P’TACH is a Jewish non-profit private school that delivers special education alternatives to Jewish children who have been disenfranchised due to their “learning differences.”

The school got its start in 1976 when a pressing need for special education in the Jewish community of Brooklyn was realized. P’TACH, which stands for “Parents for Torah for All Children,” was born.

The uniqueness of P’TACH is that the children are not taken away from the mainstream Yeshiva. Rather, P’TACH works within the Yeshiva to produce a quality education for children who remain Jewish despite their differences in learning ability or style. P’TACH is designed around the needs of the child and is delivered once or twice a day or full time depending on each child’s need.

P’TACH is available to both elementary schools and high schools. Seventy-five percent of the graduates go on to advanced Yeshiva study in Israel and/or one of the leading colleges/universities in the U.S. Other students find a home in a vocational study program and move on to gainful employment.

The key to success at P’TACH is the Resource Room specialist. These supplemental classes give students specialized instruction in basic skills using a diagnostic-descriptive approach to learning. Students are also given assistance in school survival skills and are taught how to study, take notes, stay organized, take tests, and engage in critical thinking.

P’TACH is a great learning resource for Jewish children who experience learning difficulties in a regular classroom.

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