Focus On Riverside Montessori

by NYC Firm Schools on February 29, 2012

The second school in the Twin Parks network of Montessori schools is Riverside Montessori. The school is located at 202 Riverside Drive in Manhattan and serves children 12 months to 2.8 years old.

The student body consists of approximately 150 students. That includes infants, toddlers, and early childhood students.

The school’s model mirrors that of Park West Montessori school, another Twin Parks school in Manhattan. The Montessori method gives children plenty of room to follow their instincts and to learn according to their own learning styles and at their own pace. It utilizes playtime as a learning opportunity.

The infant program fosters natural growth and development while building trust between the student and teacher. Riverside strives to provide infants with emotional and intellectual independence during this critical growth stage.

Toddlers learn a little more independence while learning to control themselves in a social setting with other toddlers. Riverside Montessori also helps with toilet training. The class environment is structured and well planned to allow each child the ability to grow according to his or her own greatest need and to get the encouragement he needs to develop social skills and age-appropriate emotional and intellectual responses.

The early childhood program at Riverside Montessori is designed to encourage young children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Each child learns the lessons needed at this critical stage of early development by their natural growth cycle. Individual curricula are developed for each child as they learn to be courteous with others and develop their early motor skills and intellectual abilities.

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