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by NYC Firm Schools on October 15, 2010

SAR Academy is a modern orthodox yeshiva located in the Bronx. From nursery to high school, SAR academy is committed to educating its students with traditional Torah learning, secular studies and cultural understanding.

The SAR Early Learning Center is open to children as young as three for nursery.

SAR Academy is open to children first grade through eighth. The faculty strives to instill in each student a love of learning, Judaism and Israel. Every child is treated like an individual. Curiosity and imagination are encouraged.

Integral to an education at SAR Academy are physical education and after school activities. SAR Softball is a popular sport and registration is relatively painless.

SAR High School is an extension of SAR Academy. Students come from as far away as Connecticut. Special programs consist of Beit Midrash, artist in residence and high school advisories, counselors who provide academic support and emotional encouragement.

SAR High School also offers a host of co-curricular activities, including:

  • Torah Bowl
  • College Bowl
  • Ruach Saara
  • Chidon Hatanakh
  • Israel Awareness Club
  • Mishmar
  • Yashad
  • Band, Drama and Chorus
  • A student newspaper
  • Chess club
  • Math teams
  • Investment club
  • And a whole lot more

SAR Academy strives to involve extended families in its educational achievements as well, making it unique among NYC Firm Schools.

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