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by NYC Firm Schools on August 24, 2012

The Shostakovich School of Music, Art and Sport in Brooklyn accepts children from the age of 18 months until 6. The school operates as a daycare, preschool and pre-Kindergarten.

The school is open from 7:30am until 6pm daily. Individual and groups lessons in specific areas are also available. Meals and snacks are included. There are parent-teacher conferences, an open school night, and parents are welcome to visit at any time.

The Shostakovich School focuses primarily on the arts of dance and music but also includes an academic curriculum. The academic part of their program includes Russian language, math, logic, drawing, ballet and applied art. Specific lessons are available for those children who wish to learn to play a musical instrument. Most lessons are taught in a play-based manner using age appropriate toys and games. Other lessons are taught via story telling, dance and music. Gross motor skill development is honed through both indoor and outdoor play and the Shostakovich School has a covered courtyard for outdoor play in all but the worst weather.

Not all play is structured at the Shostakovich School. There is ample time for free play and individual art projects.There are weekly music and dance lessons for all children though additional group and individual lessons are available. Children are encouraged to seek their own individual style and develop socially appropriate skills within that style. There is a Pre-Kindergarten for children starting at the age of 4. This program is designed to prepare children for their entry into full-time academia.

For more information, visit the Shostakovich School website.

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