Focus On St. Augustine School

by NYC Firm Schools on December 17, 2010

St. Augustine School is located in the Morrissania section of South Bronx and is rooted in the LaSallian tradition of Catholic education. It’s co-ed approach to learning seeks to grow young men and women who are academically astute, faithful Christians, and appreciative of the arts while able to communicate and interact with the real world without compromising Catholic principles.

Children ages 3 through 8 have many opportunities to learn about the Catholic faith, improve their academic skills, and participate in many activities in and out of the classroom.

St. Augustine educators try to instill intellectual curiosity in its students while promoting the arts through education.

Ninety-four percent of the student body at St. Augustine School are immigrants or children of immigrants. Located in the poorest Congressional district in the U.S., students have plenty of financial aid options available to them. Scholarships are also available and have been instrumental in helping many students get a leg up on their education and in life.

In addition to academics and training in the arts, students at St. Augustine School are given an opportunity within a rigorous and challenging athletics program. Students are given an opportunity to excel in music, drama, and dance.

Students at St. Augustine School are also given opportunities to serve in ministry with SAS outreach programs.

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