Prospect Park Yeshiva

by NYC Firm Schools on April 15, 2011

Prospect Park Yeshiva, located in Brooklyn, NYC, is made up of a pre-school, an elementary school, and a high school.

The motto of the pre-school is “The Sweet Way.” Faculty start early instilling love for the Torah in the students enrolled at the school. Learning activities include:

  • Parsha
  • Middos Programs
  • Monthly trips to museums, puppet shows, fire stations, and many other learning encounters
  • PTA mother-daughter breakfast
  • And much more

The Prospect Park Elementary School is renown for its high academic standards as well as its special programs. The focus is on teaching a love of learning, sensitivity to others, midos tovos, and derech eretz. In addition to the strong academic curriculum, there is an after school program available with many activities for elementary students. These include art, karate, sports, Hebrew, and a chess club.

The Prospect Park High School has a full curriculum that teaches:

  • Torah
  • Nevi’im
  • Kesuvim
  • Halacha
  • Yahadus
  • Safa
  • and Historia

There are also courses and lessons in advanced chumash, Churban Europe, Yiddish, and plenty of electives that include calculus, biology, writing, literature, psychology, public speaking, choral music, computer applications, and much more.

The Prospect Park Yeshiva is also known by B’Nos Leah. It is an all girls yeshiva and has earned itself a worldwide reputation.

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