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Focus On Yeshiva Har Torah Junior High

Jewish schools are not all created equal. Yeshiva Har Torah is a yeshiva for boys and girls located in the Little Neck neighborhood of Queens, New York City. Alongside a traditional academic curriculum, students receive a strong Jewish Studies curriculum that prepares them for life as a Jew while they prepare for high school.

The school offers an early childhood program, a middle school program, and a junior high school program.

Yeshiva Har Torah Junior High School

Students receive an individualized approach to their intellectual, social, and spiritual development in an environment that is encouraging, warm, and caring.

In junior high school, students get a more sophisticated look at Jewish texts. There is a strong focus on

  • Navi
  • Mishna
  • Gemara

In General Studies, students get a grounding in traditional academic subjects like Regents Math, Advanced Science, Language Arts, and Social Studies. They can also participate in science fairs, science and math enrichment classes, the Math Olympiad, Torah Bowl, and spelling bees.

Students learn the importance of Chesed by participating in projects, both in the classroom and outside of school.

Study at Yeshiva Har Torah is characterized by a Hebrew language immersion program that undergirds the integrated Jewish Studies curriculum. After graduation, many of the students go on to some of the best high schools in New York and beyond. Many of them attend elite Yeshivots and Seminaries in Israel. Students also have many extracurricular opportunities available to them at Yeshiva Har Torah.

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