Focus On Yeshiva Har Torah

by NYC Firm Schools on June 12, 2011

Yeshiva Har Torah calls itself a “centrist Orthodox yeshiva for boys and girls.” Located on Grand Central Parkway in the Little Neck neighborhood of Queens, NYC, Yeshiva Har Torah is passionate about Zionism and Medinat Yisrael, and faculty seek to educate the students in a well-rounded and encouraging atmosphere of love and support.

There are three educational programs at Yeshiva Har Torah:

  • Early childhood
  • Elementary school
  • Junior high school

The early childhood program is designed to introduce young children to Jewish life. The learn about Jewish values, Parashat Hashavua, Jewish life cycles, and Jewish holidays.

In the elementary school program students get an integrated approach to learning that includes Tal Am, literacy, mathematics, science, computer labs, Hidden Sparks, differentiated instruction, art, music, gym, remedial support, and much more. Education at Yeshiva Har Torah is based on an individualized curriculum.

Junior high school students get a more sophisticated exposure to Navi, Mishna, and Gemara. Students get to participate in a variety of activities to include science fairs, E2K science and math enrichment, Math Olympiad, Torah Bowl, and spelling bees.

Students at all levels within Yeshiva Har Torah may participate in the after school program. Sports programs such as hockey and basketball are also available.

Learn more about Yeshiva Har Torah on the school’s website.

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