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Focus On Yeshiva University High School for Girls Curriculum

The Yeshiva University High School for Girls offers a ninth through twelfth grade program that consists of Judaic Studies and General Studies tracks. The school is located in Queens and exists to lead girls into a better understanding of Torah and to love the values of the Torah. The idea is to turn young girls into mature women ready for college and ready to be practicing Jews.

Yeshiva University High School for Girls General Studies

Girls in ninth grade study literature and composition alongside global history, biology, algebra or geometry, a foreign language (either French, Arabic, or Spanish), art and art appreciation, and physical education.

Tenth grade girls take the following courses:

  • British Literature and Composition
  • Global History II or AP World History
  • Chemistry
  • Geometry or Advanced Algebra/Trigonometry
  • Spanish, French, or Arabic
  • Foundations of Art II
  • Physical Education

Juniors get a full slate of courses that include American Literature and Composition, U.S. History, advanced mathematics, physics or AP Biology, graphic design, a third year of foreign language, and physical education. Additionally, they can choose between AP Chemistry, Forensics, or AP Psychology.

Seniors also have a full load of required courses and electives that include literature, government/economics, math, science, health, drama, art, and physical education.

Yeshiva University High School for Girls Judaic Studies

In Judaic Studies, girls begin with these four courses:

  1. Chumash – Biblical Analysis I
  2. Navi – Literature of the Prophets I
  3. Gemara/Halakha – Jewish Law I
  4. Hebrew Language I

Sophomores take the second year in each of those courses. Juniors take the third year in each course and Jewish History. They also get an elective in Judaic Studies that includes Chassidut, Machshevet Yisrael, or Religious Zionism.

The fourth and final year of University High School, students take the fourth course in each of the required curricular courses plus Ulpan and a Judaic Studies elective. The Gemara/Halakha course for seniors is Women in Jewish Law, designed to prepare young ladies for Jewish womanhood.

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