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NYC Private School Focus on Muslim Center Elementary

The Muslim Center Elementary School is an Islamic school educating both boys and girls from Pre-K through the 6th grade. Located in Queens, the school serves over 130 students and their families learn about Islamic culture and beliefs. History of The Muslim Center Elementary School In May 1975, a few brothers gathered together to establish [...]

Focus On Al-Ihsan Academy Elementary School

Al-Ihsan Academy is a school in Queens for Muslim boys and girls. Founded in 1989, the school's focus is on providing an Islamic education to its students and preparing them for living in a non-Islamic environment. Students come from all over Queens and parts of Brooklyn. Transportation is provided. The school is still, in some [...]

Occasionally, the NYC Firm Schools Blog reprints (in full) academic mental health/child development/parenting press releases that may be of interest to our readers and their families. The American Mathematical Society issued the following news release: ""I'm too pretty to do math": This year, a T-shirt carrying that slogan was marketed to young girls. After outraged [...]

The mother of a student attending one of New York City's outstanding Firm Schools has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011. The name of the recipient is Leymah Gbowee, who is a peace activist responsible for uniting Christian and Muslim women to stand up for the civil rights of children and families in [...]

NYC Firm Schools Blog has reviewed many different Firm Schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Below is a partial list of Queens Firm Schools, which include Queens preschools, Queens nursery schools, Queens elementary schools, Queens middle schools, Queens high schools, Queens religious schools, Queens independent schools, Queens nonprofit schools, Queens for profit [...]

NYC Firm Schools Blog has managed to publish 72 Queens Firm Schools reviews. Today, we'll point you to 36 of them. Tomorrow, we'll show you the way to the other 36. These are independent, religious, and Firm Schools located in the Queens borough of New York City, ranging from special needs, Armenian, Jewish, Lutheran, Catholic, [...]

15 Firm Schools In Queens

Queens has its fair share of Firm Schools. It's also got a lot of diversity. Here are 15 Firm Schools in Queens, NYC, and the NYC Firm Schools Blog has focused on all of them. Archbishop Molloy High School - One of the most recognized high schools in the nation. A co-ed college preparatory school. [...]

20 Firm Schools In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, like Manhattan, is full of excellent Firm Schools. Instead of just listing and linking to the Brooklyn Firm Schools we've written about on NYC Firm Schools Blog, we are going to narrow the list to 20 schools and write a brief synopsis of them. You can still go and read the full post at [...]

25 Firm Schools In Manhattan

Manhattan is full of different types of Firm Schools. Religious schools, independent schools, schools that address special needs, Catholic schools, Jewish schools, Muslim schools, schools for advanced learners, parochial schools, nursery schools, preschools, ongoing schools, progressive schools, elementary schools, Montessori schools, lower schools, upper schools, high schools, Waldorf schools, preparatory schools, middle schools, nonprofit schools, [...]

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn is the Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah, a school dedicated to developing moral excellence in its students from the moment they enter its doors. Clara Muhammad School Of Masjid Khalifah provides a curriculum filled with academic rigor and serves a predominantly African-American Muslim community. The school got its [...]

Focus On Al-Iman School

The oldest Islamic school in North America is located in Queens, New York. Al-Iman School serves pre-K through 12th grade and teaches subjects mandated by the board of education. Students get a well-rounded curriculum designed to develop their minds as well as their moral character. Established in 1990 on the orders of Ayatollah al-Khoei, the [...]

Focus On Al Ihsan Academy

Al-Ihsan Academy is an Islamic school that focuses on academic achievement, small classes and caring teachers in an Arabic language environment. The school was established in October 1989 and offers education for children pre-K through grades 12. With 400+ students enrolled classes at all grade levels have limited space available. You'll need to get your [...]

The Kew-Forest School

The Kew-Forest School is located at 119-17 Union Turnpike in Forest Hills community of Queens, NY. The school is a co-educational prep school for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Founded in 1918 by Louis D. Marriott and Guy Hinman Catlin, the school was originally conceived as "a country day school which has modern equipment, high standards [...]

Ideal Islamic School

Made a reality in 1997, the Ideal Islamic School (Pre-K through Grade 7) was born of an idea by concerned parents and Islamic scholars who believed in a more historic education for future generations as well as towards inculcation and preservation of Islamic morals in children. The school is committed to providing children with high [...]

If you are one of the many families in New York who feel that religion is an important part of your life then choosing a NYC Private Religious School for your child is probably going to be in your near future. Many people choose a Private Religious School for their child’s educational foundation because a [...]

The right NYC Private Elementary School is the dream of every parent raising a young child in the city. For many parents in the Queens area, that means the Kew-Forest School. Kew-Forest is an independent, coeducational, college preparatory school that enrolls students from Kindergarten through grade 12. Kew-Forest opened in September of 1918 with an [...]

Private School Choices

Private School choices offer students and their families the opportunity to tailor the educational experience they wish for. Instead of having your child enrolled in the closest public school, or the one with more room, where the academic program is geared towards passing specific tests in order to ensure future government funding for the school, [...]

Among the many Islamic schools in NYC is the Private Islamic Leadership School. This school offers an Islamic education for grades Pre-K through Grade 12. It is a small school, with a close knit student body and dedicated mission. It is Co-ed and offers transportation to students who live in the Manhattan area. The school [...]


Saubirah Hack, Columbia University, Undergraduate Saubirah Hack is currently pursuing her B.A. in Political Science with a concentration in Comparative Ethnic Studies at Columbia University. She volunteers for both the Mike Bloomberg campaign and Turning Point, a non profit organization aimed at bringing awareness to domestic violence in the Muslim community. Saubirah is an active [...]

There has been a lot of discussion in NY Schools on the proposed closing of school during Muslim holy days. Charles Haynes, a senior scholar at the First Amendment Center in Washington, D.C., recently wrote about the issue of holidays in New York schools. The latest wrangle over religion and schools is in New York [...]

photo credit: Ranoush. The NY Times has featured one of the most celebrated and admired Private School Principals in its One in 8 Million feature. In this feature, the Times interviews and profiles a person in New York with a unique story, passion or issue to tell. The latest in the NYTtimes’ One in 8 [...]

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