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Brooklyn SDA Preschool

The Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School is a unique elementary school that starts with a preschool program and educates young children through the eighth grade in the tradition of the Seventh Day Adventist religious philosophy. The school got its start in 1938 in a single-room classroom. The school continues to maintain a small class [...]


15 Firm Schools In Queens

Queens has its fair share of Firm Schools. It's also got a lot of diversity. Here are 15 Firm Schools in Queens, NYC, and the NYC Firm Schools Blog has focused on all of them. Archbishop Molloy High School - One of the most recognized high schools in the nation. A co-ed college preparatory school. [...]

20 Firm Schools In The Bronx

There are many Catholic schools in the Bronx. But that's not all there is. Here is a short list of 20 Firm Schools you'll find in the Bronx, which includes some of the ISAAGNY schools in Riverdale. Horace Mann School - An ISAAGNY co-ed school through the twelfth grade in Riverdale. Immaculate Conception School - [...]

20 Firm Schools In Brooklyn

Brooklyn, like Manhattan, is full of excellent Firm Schools. Instead of just listing and linking to the Brooklyn Firm Schools we've written about on NYC Firm Schools Blog, we are going to narrow the list to 20 schools and write a brief synopsis of them. You can still go and read the full post at [...]

Focus On Northeastern Academy

Northeastern Academy, located in Manhattan, NYC, is a part of the worldwide Seventh Day Adventist network. The school's mission is to help its students experience God, grow in learning, and become leaders for tomorrow. The Seventh Day Adventist philosophy is based on the belief that God is the creator of all things. Northeastern Academy offers [...]

Focus On Linden SDA School

Linden Seventh Day Adventist School is a Christian-based elementary school located in Queens, NYC. The philosophy of educators at Linden SDA School is that education is a partnership between the home, the church, and the school, and administrators see themselves in that partnership. Serving first through eighth grades, teachers put God at the center of [...]

Focus On Flatbush SDA School

In the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC is a Seventh Day Adventist elementary school dedicated to helping each individual student reach his or her potential as human beings. That school is Flatbush SDA School. The school centers its education on the teachings of the Bible and the writings of Ellen G. White. The school serves [...]

Focus On Jackson Heights SDA

Jackson Heights SDA School is a Seventh Day Adventist elementary school located in the Woodside neighborhood of Queens, NYC. In fact, the school is located on Woodside Avenue. The Jackson Heights School is a part of the worldwide Seventh Day Adventist school network. The school's mission is to educate young children in the ways of [...]

Brooklyn SDA Elementary School

The Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School offers per-kindergarten education through eighth grade.The Pre-K level is only for four years, not three and four year olds as other Pre-K schools offer. But the education that is offered to four year olds is solid age-appropriate education. The school got its start in 1938 in a one-room [...]

Focus On R T Hudson School

At 1122 Forest Avenue in the Bronx is a Seventh Day Adventist school named R T Hudson School. The mission statement claims a four-fold mission: To educate the child physically' mentally' socially' and spiritually. To help each child to grow into the likeness of Christ. To teach each student the dignity of practical labor. To [...]

Bethel Elementary School is a Seventh Day Adventist school located in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NYC. Its motto is "Building Character For Eternity" and it is a part of the worldwide network of Seventh Day Adventist schools, which consists of elementary schools, high schools, and colleges and universities. The mission statement of the [...]

The Bronx-Manhattan Seventh Day Adventist School is located at 1440 Plimpton Avenue in the Bronx. The school is focused on child development and tries to instill leadership skills and responsibilities as much as possible. Some of the ways they try to do this are: A student leadership program Church participation Student banquet Crazy Hat Day [...]

Greater New York Academy (GNYA) is a Seventh-day Adventist co-ed high school located in Woodside, Queens. The school houses approximately 200 students in grades 9 thru 12. According to Principal Mitchell, the school has a 100% graduation rate and a 98% college acceptance rate. GNYA was founded in 1920 as a high school for the [...]