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Middle School Focus On The Allen-Stevenson School

The Allen-Stevenson School focuses on educating young men with the intent on turning them from boys into gentlemen scholars that have the drive and ambition to succeed at whatever endeavors they later attempt. This is done through the promotion of good habits, exposure to positive role models and a solid foundation in Academics, Arts and [...]

The Allen-Stevenson School

An urban day school located at 132 East 78th Street on the East Side of Manhattan, The Allen-Stevenson School boasts an "enlightened traditional approach" to educate boys into scholars and gentlemen. The school challenges students to take suitable risks as well as learning from their mistakes and support one another. The Allen-Stevenson code is clear: [...]

Focus On Robert Louis Stevenson Math Program

Robert Louis Stevenson is a school for children ages 13 through 18 located in Manhattan. The thrust of the educational development at Robert Louis Stevenson is to approach students who are underachieving and help them unlock their full potential through a therapeutic approach to education. Classes at Robert Louis Stevenson are kept small to maximize [...]


"Getting In ... Kindergarten," a documentary produced by Pamela French Films, aired on TLC in September 2007. It focuses on the New York City kindergarten admissions process. We previously highlighted Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. Below is Part 4. Among the NYC schools, topics, and people highlighted: Steve Nelson from The Calhoun School; [...]

Focus On The Parents League

For almost 100 years The Parents League of New York has been an educational source for parents looking for an independent school to which to enroll their child for the best education they could hope for. Since then, the league has grown and expanded its offerings to parents all over New York City. We believe [...]

Early Steps programs are all about diversity. The Early Steps program in New York City has been going strong for over 20 years to help families of children of color who are applying for Kindergarten and First Grade. The program advocates for the families of these children during the process of applying for New York [...]

One of the best relationships that parents of aspiring NYC Private School students can ask for is that of another private school parent. Networking is a key element to private school admission in NYC because it gives you the ability to find information about a school that isn’t readily available from the website or brochure; [...]

Here is Pamela French's "Getting In...Kindergarten," part 4. Among the NYC schools, topics, and people highlighted: Steve Nelson from The Calhoun School; Lindley Uehling, former Director of Admissions of Hunter College Elementary School; Hunter College Elementary School, Round 2; cut-off score; school playdates; Browning School; what are schools looking for; Allen Stevenson School; Anderson School; [...]

We are excited to announce that Peter R. Corbin, Founder & Director of Corbin's Crusaders Sports Club, will join us as a regular blog contributor in the area of children's development through athletics. Peter received his Master of Education and Master of Arts degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University specializing in Counseling and a Bachelor [...]

The Parents League of New York is hosting the 2013 NYC Independent School Kindergarten Fair (Boarding Schools and NYC Upper & Middle Firm Schools fairs will be held in Fall 2013) and a Kindergarten Admissions Panel Discussion immediately following the fair. Both events are free of charge for all families. Representatives from Parents League member [...]

Heads of independent schools across America have united to call on President Obama and national policy leaders to "do everything necessary to stem this tide of senseless gun violence." This group, "Heads of Schools Against Gun Violence" (HOSAGV) has launched a website, Heads of Schools Against Gun Violence, established Twitter (@HOSAGV) and Facebook accounts, and [...]

"Getting In ... Kindergarten," a documentary produced by Pamela French Films, aired on TLC in September 2007. It focuses on the New York City kindergarten admissions process. We previously highlighted Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5. Below is Part 6, where we learn where the children will attend school. Among [...]

The Parents League of New York is hosting a series of events, workshops, and panels during Fall 2011 (check website for registration information): Kindergarten Admissions Panel Discussion Panelists: Julia Heaton, Director of Admissions, Little Red School House and Elizabeth Irwin High School (LREI); Julianne Kaplan, Director of Admissions, The Birch Wathen Lenox School; Ronnie Jankoff, [...]

One of the hallmark catchphrases of our time is "eco-friendly," also known as "green." These terms are used to designate an institution that is environmentally conscious, or a product whose manufacturer considered the environmental impact that product would have. Organizations that have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint and to make policies that help [...]

NYC Firm Schools Blog has reviewed many different Firm Schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Below is a partial list of Manhattan Firm Schools, which include Manhattan preschools, Manhattan nursery schools, Manhattan elementary schools, Manhattan middle schools, Manhattan high schools, Manhattan religious schools, Manhattan independent schools, Manhattan nonprofit schools, Manhattan for profit [...]

Today, NYC Firm Schools Blog wraps up its summary list of Manhattan Firm Schools we've reviewed. We've previously covered 82 schools in Manhattan. Today we'll add 38 more for a total count of 120 Manhattan Firm Schools. There are still many more wonderful Manhattan private, religious, and independent schools and we will continue to review [...]

For NYC private school parents and applicants: Reading at Some Firm Schools Is Delayed by Sarah Maslin Nir of the NY Times. Ms. Nir looks at the diversity of approaches for reading instruction at different NYC Firm Schools. Among the Firm Schools mentioned and methods compared are: Calhoun School, Ethical Culture School, Allen-Stevenson, Friends Seminary, [...]

New York Family and the American Camp Association-NY (ACA-NY) are co-sponsoring The New York Family Camp Fair Series. The Fair Series will bring more than 50 camps to parents this year. Here are the details for scheduled NYC locations for the 2010-11 Year: Saturday, November 13, 2010: 12 - 3pm Upper East Side The Allen-Stevenson [...]

The Parents League of New York is hosting two fairs for parents interested in applying to either Boarding Schools or NYC Firm Schools. Both fairs are in NYC and are free of charge for all families. The fairs allow parents to learn more about NYC Independent Day Schools and Boarding Schools. Each event is divided [...]

Located at 1 East 65th Street in New York City is Temple Emanu-El, which boasts a Nursery School and Kindergarten dedicated to providing children a warm and loving environment that can aid children in developing to their fullest potential physically, emotionally and intellectually. Our goal is for each child to have a positive, happy school [...]

Finally, Pamela French's "Getting In...Kindergarten," part 6, where we learn where each of the three children will attend school. Among the NYC schools, topics, and people highlighted: admissions decisions, waitlists, financial aid, Hunter College Elementary School, Horace Mann School, Allen-Stevenson School, St. David's School, Browning School, Trinity School, The Cathedral School, Dalton School, St. Bernard's [...]

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