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Focus on Brooklyn Jesuit Prep

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep is a private school in Brooklyn dedicated to the Jesuit mission and provides a strong academic curriculum for students in middle school. The school's mission is to "develop young leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to doing justice". Started in 2003, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep offers a [...]


Focus On Brooklyn Amity High School

Brooklyn Amity School is one of New York City's best kept secrets. With plenty of extracurricular activities for students at all ages, the school has programs for day care and early childhood education, elementary school, middle school, and high school. The high school program at Amity School is designed to develop students' character and teachers [...]


Focus On Brooklyn Amity Middle School

The faculty at Brooklyn's Amity School are committed to providing the best and most rigorous academic curriculum for students from day care through high school. To this end, they've developed a day care program that prepares students for elementary school and an elementary school curriculum that prepares students for middle school, which then prepares them [...]


Located in Brooklyn is the Amity School, a school with a lot to offer students from day care age through high school. In addition to an early childhood education department, the school has an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. This elementary school has a lot to offer, including Strong academics Extracurricular [...]

The Amity School in Brooklyn is well known for its strong academic programs. A K-12 school, they have programs for preschoolers (including a day care center), elementary school students, middle school students, and high schoolers. The early childhood education program consists of a day care center for young children, including a preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. [...]

Brooklyn SDA Preschool

The Brooklyn Seventh Day Adventist Elementary School is a unique elementary school that starts with a preschool program and educates young children through the eighth grade in the tradition of the Seventh Day Adventist religious philosophy. The school got its start in 1938 in a single-room classroom. The school continues to maintain a small class [...]


Brooklyn Castle opens today, October 19, 2012, in NYC at The Landmark Sunshine Theater and Lincoln Center - Elinor Bunin Theater. This inspring film is worth a trip for the whole family to watch together: Official Synopsis: "Brooklyn Castle tells the stories of five members of the chess team at a below-the-poverty-line inner city junior [...]

Brooklyn Autism Center Academy is a school for Autistic children that uses Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to teach children ages 5 to 16. The academy employs a one-on-one approach to autistic education ensuring that each child receives the individual attention that they need. The Brooklyn Autism Center Academy focuses on teaching children both academic courses along [...]

Kinderhaus is the first German immersion school in New York City and it's located in Brooklyn. The school offers preschool, Pre-K, kindergarten, a full German immersion after school program, summer camps, mini-holiday camps, and enrichment classes for preschoolers and elementary age children. The school serves the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn and broader New York [...]

One of the things that many parents have enjoyed about Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn is the personal feel of the school. It wasn't one of the Manhattan or Riverdale "elite" schools. The school had a hometown feel and that made it charming. However, in recent years the school has increasingly started looking more and [...]

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School is the only accredited preschool-8th grade Montessori school in New York City. But that's not the only reason the school is special. They've recently announced that they are expanding facilities and programs for students. They just purchased an adjacent property located at 12 Dean Street, which was a fire patrol station. [...]

You can tell a lot about a preschool by the emphasis they place on community and deity, or whether they emphasize it or not. Brooklyn Heights Synagogue Preschool is a school that does both while serving a diverse Jewish community in Brooklyn. The school and synagogue are members of the Union for Reform Judaism. The [...]

Focus On Brooklyn Free Space

Brooklyn Free Space is a cooperative preschool for children ages 2.6-4.8 years. The school was established in 1978 and serves the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn along with surrounding neighborhoods. The school is open September through June and offers five days a week curriculum for all ages. The facilities accommodate 62 children. Since it is [...]

Montessori Day School Of Brooklyn has been educating young children in Brooklyn, NYC for over 25 years. Located in a diverse community, the school serves childres ages 2 through 6. Montessori Day School Of Brooklyn is an independent school using hands-on classrooms in a stimulating environment with high teacher-student ratios. There are six classrooms at [...]

Welcome to the final post in our Brooklyn Firm Schools reviews list. We've previously showcased 63 Firm Schools in Brooklyn. Today we'll point you to 32 more schools in Brooklyn. As always, we hope you find this list helpful in narrowing down the right Firm Schools for you and your family. Poly Prep Country Day [...]

To continue our list of Firm Schools in Brooklyn, NYC Firm Schools Blog has put together a list of 34 schools located in Brooklyn borough that we have reviewed in the past three years. We encourage you to study these schools and see which ones pass your test. We hope you find the right school [...]

NYC Firm Schools Blog has reviewed many different Firm Schools in all five boroughs of New York City. Below is a partial list of Brooklyn Firm Schools, which include preschools, nursery schools, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, religious schools, independent schools, nonprofit schools, for profit schools, and special education schools that we have covered [...]

29 is the magic number for Brooklyn today. Actually, NYC Firm Schools Blog has more than 100 Firm Schools in Brooklyn for which we've written profiles. But rather than share them all with you in one post, we'll cover them in three posts. For the next three days, we'll be focusing on Brooklyn. It is [...]

Located at 187 Euclid Avenue in Brooklyn, NYC, the Blessed Sacrament School is a Catholic parish school with programs for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school offers Internet access in all classrooms and smartboards, a new technology that makes classroom teaching more dynamic. Other special programs include: Computer instruction Spanish foreign language instruction [...]

Queens and the Bronx are not the only boroughs in New York with a school by the name of St. Francis Of Assisi. Brooklyn, too, has a school named for the famous Catholic saint. St. Francis of Assisi School in Brooklyn offers curricula for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school opened its doors in 1909 [...]

In our search for Brooklyn yeshivas, NYC Firm Schools Blog uncovered the following 24 Jewish schools in Brooklyn without websites. Of course, that's just to say that we couldn't easily locate these schools' websites. If you know the website address of any of these schools, then please let us know in the comments section or [...]

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