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Focus On Our Lady Of Trust Catholic Academy

Our Lady Of Trust Catholic Academy is located in Brooklyn on two campuses. The St. Jude Campus, serving nursery school through eighth grade, is on Canarsie Road. Miracles Campus, which serves pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, is located at 744 East 87th Street. The school's focus on building the Catholic faith into students from an early [...]

Stereotypes and Learning

The National Association of Independent Schools has many online resources available for educators, students and families involved in independent schools. A recent article written for the Online NAIS site focused on stereotypes and how they affect the lifelong learning habits of kids. The phenomenon is known in the research as "stereotype threat" — and it [...]

The National Center for Education Statistics is run by the U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences. The site provides a wealth of information about schools in the U.S. both in the public and private sectors. It is always interesting to look at the state of enrollment in private and public schools as well [...]

photo credit: nattuOne discussion about young children in NYC Firm Schools has been very popular lately. The discussion originally began with a group of parents talking about a large number of boys leaving a specific (elementary level) school next year. The group of boys leaving will be going on to a mix of private and [...]

photo credit: JacobEnos There are many NYC Firm Schools that offer only same-sex environments. All girls or all boys schools are becoming an increasingly common sight among the New York educational scene. In the past, most schools were same-sex facilities, however in the 60’s and 70’s it became out of fashion to educate boys and [...]