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The Elite Speak: Meet the Cast of Bravo’s NYC Prep

As we reported in April, Bravo’s NYC Prep will premiere on Tuesday, June 16 at 11 p.m. ET/PT and will move to its regular timeslot on Tuesday, June 23 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

On Monday, June 1st from 6:30-8:00pm, there will be a sneak peek at the premiere episode of NYC Prep at The Paley Center for Media, followed by a Q&A with some of the show’s cast (Camille, Kelli, PC, Sebastian, Taylor) and its creators (Andy Cohen, Executive Producer, SVP Production & Development, Bravo Media; Lenid Rolov, Executive Producer, Stone & Company Entertainment). The moderator will be Tim Stack, Staff Writer, Entertainment Weekly.

Here are the 6 students in order of appearance in their individual videos (Source: Bravotv.com): Sebastian, Taylor, Camille, Jessie, Kelli, and PC.

There have been many people searching our blog to identify which NYC Private & Public Schools these students attend. We will take this opportunity to remind people that the focus of the reality show is on the students and their lives, not the schools. That said, Bravo has not officially released this information, but there are many sources on the internet who are unofficially releasing this info. (other students who go to school with these students, other cast members, student reporters, etc.).

Although this info. is easily accessible on the internet, we’ll make even more accessible. Here is some basic info. about the schools of two cast members: Kelli and Tayor

According to choclatechip45 on the Television Without Pity forums (April 13, 2009):

Taylor goes to Stuyvesant. I’ve heard there are more two more girls that were filmed from Stuy. I believe some kids from Hunter were also filmed. Ok did some digging. Camille goes to Nightingale-Bamford, the school Gossip Girl is based on. Kelli goes to Birch Wathen Lenox School. Sebastian goes to Ross School.

Badiene Magaziner, a voice teacher, reports on her own blog about Kelli:

See Badiene on Bravo’s hottest new reality show, “NYC Prep” airing in June!
NYC Prep follows 6 prep school kids in their daily journey through life! One 17 year old, Kelli Tomashoff, wants to be a pop singer and chooses Badiene as her voice teacher and mentor!
Join Badiene as she takes Kelli from “Soup2Nutz” in 6 weeks! Badiene gives Kelli voice lessons to build her voice and her confidence. Badiene contacts top record producer, Tony Coluccio to get an original song for Kelli and to ask him to produce the song for Kelli as a demo. Badiene gets Kelli a performance coach and a choreographer to give her that “edge” over her competition, and once she feels Kelli is ready, arranges for Kelli to perform the song in public to get performance experience!

Kelli’s Facebook.com profile confirms: Birch Wathen Lenox ’10.

As reported by Sadie Bergen in The Spectator, The Stuyvesant High School Newspaper, on March 20, 2009:

The “Real-life Gossip Girl,” is a show still in production that will follow the lives of primarily privileged Upper East Side high school students attending various schools in the city, both private and public, including Stuyvesant.

Stuyvesant juniors Rayna Foster and Ayala Mansky, and sophomore Taylor DiGiovanni, are three of the students featured in the show, and currently have cameras taping their lives. Foster, Mansky and DiGiovanni declined to comment on the show. The producers also declined to comment.

We’ll leave it there for now. Good luck with the rest of your searching.

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