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Brooklyn schools

Focus On ISB Middle School

International schools are in a class all by themselves. Even among international schools, the International School of Brooklyn has its own category. What started out as a nursery through third grade program has expanded into far more than its original character. The program has grown into a full fledged lower school with a middle school [...]

Focus On ISB Lower School

The International School of Brooklyn is a unique educational institution. Based on the international school format, it is independent and non-sectarian. The school consists of a lower school and a middle school with a program from nursery school through eighth grade. The lower school at ISB consists of preschool through fifth grade. Students get a [...]

Basis Independent Brooklyn is a unique school with a unique approach to challenging students to be their best. BASIS was founded in 1998 by veteran academicians who wanted to increase the standards in American education, and they've done just that. The pillars of education at Basis Independent Brooklyn are: An accelerated, rigorous curriculum Student accountability [...]

Fontbonne Hall Academy is an all girls Catholic high school located in Brooklyn. The faculty is committed to educating students with 21st century techniques and technology in preparation for college. The school opened its doors in 1937. Academics is very important at Fontbonne Hall Academy. Students have the opportunity to take a Regents curriculum and [...]

Merkaz Bnos High School is a Jewish high school for girls located in Brooklyn, NYC. The curriculum includes Judaic Studies alongside General Studies. Girls receive a rigorous academic curriculum in a Torah environment with opportunities for extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Math at Merkaz Bnos High School follows the guidelines for the New York State Department [...]

Focus On Nazareth Regional HS Math

Nazareth Regional High School, based in Brooklyn, is a Catholic college preparatory school with a strong academic curriculum. Students are expected to take three years of math in order to graduate and are ready for college by the time they do. Nazareth Regional High School does more than just educate students with a traditional curriculum. [...]


Focus On Leif Ericson Day School Math

Leif Ericson Day School is a Christian day school located in Brooklyn. Having won awards for its service to preschoolers through middle school children, the school offers a rigorous academic curriculum coupled with religious instruction. Students at Leif Ericson Day School begin studying math as soon as they are admitted. At ages three and four, [...]


Focus On Our Lady of Grace School Math

Founded in 1951, Our Lady of Grace School in Brooklyn has discovered a way to educate Catholic children in religious instruction as well as traditional educational curricula. The school begins in nursery school and takes children through eighth grade. The math curriculum at Our Lady of Grace School is based on New York's Common Core [...]


Focus On Parkway Schools Math

Parkway Schools in Brooklyn consists of an elementary school and a preschool. They serve a student body of preschool-age children through eighth grade divided into a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school. Students do wear uniforms to school. The lower school at Parkway Schools consists of students ages 2-4. The middle school [...]


St. Edmund Preparatory High School is a Catholic college prep school that operates under the St. Edmund parish in Brooklyn. It is an extension of the St. Edmund Elementary School operated by the same parish in the Diocese of Brooklyn. St. Edmund's has a strong math department and curriculum that prepares students for college and [...]

In Brooklyn, the St. Francis of Assissi School offers curricula for children from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. The school opened its doors in East Flatbush in 1909 and is operated by the St. Francis of Assissi parish. Faculty at St. Francis of Assissi School are dedicated to teaching a traditional academic curriculum alongside a values-based [...]

Focus On St. Saviour High School Math

Founded in 1917, St. Saviour High School is an all girls Catholic school situated in Brooklyn, New York City. It is located in the Park Slope neighborhood with strong historical roots. Girls are taught traditional Christian morals as they study a traditional academic curriculum with a strong mathematics component. Graduating students take three separate NYC [...]


Focus On Xaverian High School Math

Xaverian High School is an all boys Catholic school located in the Bay Ridge community of Brooklyn. Its primary mission is to prepare young boys for college and instill in them a love of lifelong learning. The school is sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers and based on the charism of St. Francis Xavier. Xaverian High [...]


Focus on Brooklyn Jesuit Prep

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep is a private school in Brooklyn dedicated to the Jesuit mission and provides a strong academic curriculum for students in middle school. The school's mission is to "develop young leaders who are intellectually competent, open to growth, loving, religious and committed to doing justice". Started in 2003, Brooklyn Jesuit Prep offers a [...]


Focus On Trey Whitfield School Math

Trey Whitfield School is a private school in Brooklyn with an early childhood program, a lower school, and an upper school. They educate through the eighth grade, preparing students for high school and college. The academic program at Trey Whitfield School is based on a strong set of moral values, integrity, and leadership. Students are [...]


Focus On Internataional Christian School Math

International Christian School, a ministry of International Baptist Church, in Brooklyn is a K through twelfth grade school that educates children from a Christian perspective. Students get a heavy dose of religious training and study the Bible as they work through a traditional core curriculum. Math training begins in preschool. Three and four year olds [...]


The Mary McDowell Center for Learning is a Quaker school for children with learning disabilities. As such, they have a program for elementary school students, middle school students, and high school students. The upper school program at Mary McDowell Center for Learning focuses on students from grades nine to twelve. The school is located at [...]

Focus On Big Apple Academy Junior High School

Big Apple Academy in Brooklyn, New York City has earned for itself a solid reputation as a school with a focused and rigorous academic curriculum. A relatively new school in the private school landscape of New York City, it was incorporated in 1992 as a K-8 school and expanded into a K-12 academy in 2010. [...]


Focus On Adelphi Academy Upper School

Adelphi Academy is one of Brooklyn's most prestigious Firm Schools. It is a coeducational college preparatory school with programs from early childhood education through twelfth grade. The upper school offers a rigorous academic curriculum that prepares students for college and for life. Students get a great foundation in strong academic disciplines including: English History Math [...]


Focus On Adelphi Academy Middle School

Adelphi Academy Middle School is a part of a K-12 program located in Brooklyn, New York City. Adelphi Academy is a coeducational college preparatory school with a rigorous academic curriculum and has gained notoriety far and wide for its educational environment. The school is a small school and maintains small classes, typically a 6:1 student-teacher [...]


Focus On Adelphi Academy Lower School

Adelphi Academy, located in Brooklyn, is one of the most prestigious Firm Schools New York City has to offer. With programs from preschool through high school, all children in Brooklyn and surrounding boroughs can expect to receive a high class education. The Adelphi lower school focuses its energies on programs for students grades one through [...]

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