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Say Yes To Education in Syracuse, New York has turned five years old. The program provides financial support to the city's entire public school student body to help them attend college. There is a similar program in Harlem. The Say Yes To Education program is a national non-profit organization founded to increase the high school [...]

High school students with a GPA of 3.0 or better can earn a $10,000 scholarship by telling Go Daddy how the Internet has helped them in their studies. All you have to do is enter the 2013 Go Daddy .ME Scholarship. Go Daddy has been offering this scholarship for a couple of years now. As [...]

The Calhoun School is one of the world's most famous progressive Firm Schools. Located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the school, which is also well-known for its strong commitment to diversity, has been notified that it will receive a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to produce a 3-part multimedia project titled "What Kids Of [...]

The New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference will be held on Thursday, September 22, 2011 beginning at 8:30am. This will be an annual event, "designed to promote dialogue and action in the education sector, focusing on the school of the future. For 2011, the first year, we will focus on how technology can – [...]

On July 11, a blazing fire destroyed the Upper East Side building that houses Kehilath Jeshurun and The Ramaz School. While no one was injured in the fire, it left many students with no place to study. That is, until Temple Emanu-El (Reform; Mayor Bloomberg attends) offered its building to Ramaz's first through fourth grades. [...]

Self described "tiger mother" Amy Chua and her book on parenting, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother has outraged parents and hit hard at a national sore spot-adding fuel to the fear that the US is losing ground to China and other rising powers starting with education. A prepublication excerpt in the Wall Street Journal [...]

Focus On Beit Rabban

Nestled on West 70th Street in New York is a cozy little Jewish school called Beit Rabban. Community life at Beit Rabban can be explained from this tagline, taken from the Babylonian Talmud, from the school's website: “The world is sustained by the breath of the young children of Beit Rabban.” Beit Rabban is a [...]

An urban day school located at 132 East 78th Street on the East Side of Manhattan, The Allen-Stevenson School boasts an "enlightened traditional approach" to educate boys into scholars and gentlemen. The school challenges students to take suitable risks as well as learning from their mistakes and support one another. The Allen-Stevenson code is clear: [...]

You don't find as many all boys schools any more, but St. Bernard's School on the Upper East Side is one of the finest. The focus is on helping each boy grow as an individual and to respect the differences of others. Cooperation, fair play and hard work are values that are instilled early on [...]

St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's has a unique educational philosophy. With a lower and an upper division, teachers attempt to make learning fun by being creative and focusing on development that is appropriate for each age level. The lower division consists of children in grades 1 through 3 while the upper division consists of children [...]

Research Tutoring Options

If your child is struggling with certain subjects at his or her Private School, or even if you are simply looking to give them an extra edge on upcoming college admissions tests, then Private Tutoring is an option. When you look for a Private Tutor for your child, remember that the way in which you [...]

Schools in Haiti are slowly coming back to life, still struggling to provide an education for students who have been devastated by the earthquake 12 weeks ago. Many educational blogs and newspapers have carried the reports of humanitarian struggles in Haiti and in particular the difficulties and challenges facing educators who are trying to rebuild [...]

The student to teacher ratios at most of the New York City Firm Schools is relatively small. This is considered one of the most beneficial aspects of a private school because it enables close interactions between students and teachers. There is no way to slip between the cracks and fail when you are noticed, front [...]

Many parents with children in NYC Firm Schools are strong supporters of educational choice. After all, the freedom to exercise that choice is what enabled them to enroll their child in Private School. School choice is the ability to choose how your child will be educated. It can be used to facilitate an education in [...]

The occasional snow day for NYC Students is usually met with celebration. If outside activities and fun are a little chilly and require a parka to enjoy, most kids think that is a fair trade for a day off of school. Come springtime, a season of being cooped up or bundled up wears as thin [...]

The ability to achieve a lower student to teacher ratio is one of the driving forces for private school enrollment. Especially in a city as large as New York City, there is simply an overwhelming number of students who apply for each single seat in a private school. Parents work tirelessly in order to keep [...]

With tightened budgets, many young families are struggling with the decision to put their young child in a NYC Private School or start them in a public school and assist in their educational development as much as possible. One group of parents recently gathered to talk about their upcoming choices for education beyond the preschool [...]

Teachers Have Impact

Finding the best educational opportunities for a child goes well beyond choosing the NYC Private School that looks like a perfect match or the NYC Public School that has a great G&T program. A school is more than the sum of its facilities and the philosophy that is written on its homepage. A school is [...]

In times where the amount of money spent on educating each individual student is spent under the strictest of scrutiny, there are millions who decry that the simple lack of funds is what is crushing so many schools. More money would equal better schools, better educated children who could move on to compete in colleges [...]

There is an unending supply of stories and news articles about the admissions and application rates to private school amidst the backdrop of the economic recession. It is almost being used as a litmus test of the determination of parents who have been so vocal about Private School. In a recent article in slate.com, the [...]

Vouching for Education

The argument over tax credits for Private School tuition, vouchers for Private School tuition or about funding, refunding or fund-a-mental public money used to support Firm Schools sparks an intense debate from all sides of the argument. When it comes to the education of our children its understandable that the discussion evokes such strong emotional [...]

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