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Corlears School, in Manhattan, offers a unique collaborative approach to education. Started in 1968, the school has grown to be of respectable size. It provides classroom experiences for early childhood and elementary school grades through fifth grade. The elementary school is divided into two segments: Lower Grades and Upper Grades. The lower grade classrooms are [...]

The Blue School is a relatively new school in New York City and in a short time has captured the essence of change in American education that a lot of people have been looking for. The school offers a preschool component, or Pre-Primary Program, a Primary Program, and a middle school. The Primary Program consists [...]

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is a unique school in Manhattan, New York City. Students learn to think critically in an international school environment while learning a foreign language and solving problems. The school is divided into a preschool, a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school. The educational process at Léman Manhattan Preparatory [...]

Focus On ISB Middle School

International schools are in a class all by themselves. Even among international schools, the International School of Brooklyn has its own category. What started out as a nursery through third grade program has expanded into far more than its original character. The program has grown into a full fledged lower school with a middle school [...]

Focus On ISB Lower School

The International School of Brooklyn is a unique educational institution. Based on the international school format, it is independent and non-sectarian. The school consists of a lower school and a middle school with a program from nursery school through eighth grade. The lower school at ISB consists of preschool through fifth grade. Students get a [...]

In Brooklyn there is a school with a unique vision and that exists within a fairly large U.S. network of schools. Basis Independent Brooklyn is a K-12 preparatory school that is part of the BASIS group of schools, which established itself in 1998 for the sole purpose of changing American education. They've done that. The [...]

Basis Independent Brooklyn is a unique school with a unique approach to challenging students to be their best. BASIS was founded in 1998 by veteran academicians who wanted to increase the standards in American education, and they've done just that. The pillars of education at Basis Independent Brooklyn are: An accelerated, rigorous curriculum Student accountability [...]

Focus On Queens Paideia School Math

Queens Paideia School is an independent school with a K-12 curriculum. Founded in 2009, the school uses the Singapore Math curriculum. Information about the school's math curriculum is on the school's website. The school groups students by ages, not grades. The math curriculum is divided in such manner: Foundations of Number Sense: Ages 5-7 Number [...]


Cathedral School in Manhattan is a unique kind of independent school. With an early childhood program and an upper school, the K-4 lower school program is excellent at taking students from the former and preparing them for the latter. Here's what the Cathedral Lower School program has to offer. First, the school has a very [...]

Focus On Garden School Lower Division

In the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens, NYC is a private school focused on delivering quality education with a low tuition price tag. The school is Garden School. Garden School is an independent school with a preschool option, a lower division, and an upper division. The lower division begins in first grade and runs through [...]


Focus On Phyl’s Academy Elementary School

Phyl's Academy Preparatory School is an early childhood and elementary school program located in Brooklyn. The elementary school is designed to take children from first grade through sixth in preparation for middle school and high school. Students in elementary school take frequent field trips and engage in stimulating and extensive investigation and discovery projects. Faculty [...]


Focus On Phyl’s Academy Preschool

Phyl's Academy Preparatory School, based in Brooklyn, is an independent school with a nurturing environment designed to turn young children into lifelong learners. The school offers a preschool and an elementary school. The early childhood program at Phyl's Academy Preparatory School consists of a Universal Pre-K program and a kindergarten program. Faculty use hands-on activities [...]


Focus On Bay Ridge Preparatory High School

In Brooklyn, the Bay Ridge Preparatory School is an independent coeducational college preparatory school with a lower school program, a middle school program, and a high school. The high school is the pinnacle of the rigorous academic program that prepares students for college and for life. Designed for students in grades 9 through 12, Bay [...]


Focus On Cathedral School Preschool

Located in Manhattan, Cathedral School is an independent school with programs from nursery school through eighth grade. The early childhood program at Cathedral School consists of nursery school and preschool. Starting at age three, faculty take students and help wean them away from parents for the first time, assisting them to develop their independence. Teachers [...]


ISAAGNY Board 2012-13

The Independent Schools Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY) is a not-for-profit organization that strives to further a spirit of cooperation among Member Schools by coordinating admissions practices and procedures in order to help ensure an orderly, fair, and professional admissions process and thereby serve the educational purposes of the Member Schools. There are [...]

Heads of independent schools across America have united to call on President Obama and national policy leaders to "do everything necessary to stem this tide of senseless gun violence." This group, "Heads of Schools Against Gun Violence" (HOSAGV) has launched a website, Heads of Schools Against Gun Violence, established Twitter (@HOSAGV) and Facebook accounts, and [...]

Focus On The Parents League

For almost 100 years The Parents League of New York has been an educational source for parents looking for an independent school to which to enroll their child for the best education they could hope for. Since then, the league has grown and expanded its offerings to parents all over New York City. We believe [...]

The NAIS Parent Guide

The National Association of Independent Schools is an industry association for Firm Schools and other independent schools. It has different levels of membership for schools that join. Here are the membership levels in a nutshell: Full Membership - Reserved for independent non-profit schools that are fully accredited from an accreditation program approved by NAIS. Provisional [...]

The British International School of New York is located on 23rd Street in Manhattan overlooking the East River. The campus itself is a great learning center for students ages 3 through 14. An independent school unaffiliated with any religious sect or denomination, BIS provides an on-site swimming pool, two playgrounds, several flexible-use educational spaces, state-of-the-art [...]

Focus On The Goddard School

The Goddard School has built a reputation nationally as an on-the-move private school. It is actually a franchised business model, which makes it a bit unique among Firm Schools. Its focus isn't wholly local nor is it a non-profit or affiliated with a religious denomination. Some people might be critical of an educational system based [...]

Scheduled to open grades N-9 in New York City in Fall 2012, Avenues: The World School, strives to be a global school. Eventually, the school will be N-12, with the first graduating class in 2016. With its headquarters in NYC, over twenty campuses are planned over the next decade in cities such as: Latin and [...]

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