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Manhattan Schools

Corlears School, in Manhattan, offers a unique collaborative approach to education. Started in 1968, the school has grown to be of respectable size. It provides classroom experiences for early childhood and elementary school grades through fifth grade. The elementary school is divided into two segments: Lower Grades and Upper Grades. The lower grade classrooms are [...]

Corlears is a unique Manhattan-based nursery school, preschool, and elementary school. It was started in 1968 by a group of parents and a nursery school leader. Since then, it has grown into a full-fledged elementary school with a child-centered focus. Based on a collaborative learning environment, students meet in mixed age classes that prepare them [...]

Ecole International de New York is one of the most unique schools in New York City. Located in Manhattan, it has a lower division and a middle school division for instructing children from age three through seventh grade. The school is a bilingual international school that offers instruction in both French and English. The entire [...]

In Manhattan, Ecole International de New York is a French-English bilingual international school with a diverse students body. The education process begins at age three. The school offers programs through middle school, or seventh grade. With a lower school and a middle school, Ecole International de New York is committed to preparing students for high [...]

Ecole International de New York is a private school located in Manhattan with a lower school and a middle school. It's a French bilingual immersion program for students ages 3 through 13. It offers an interesting blend of American independence in the classroom and the French National Education program. The student body at Ecole International [...]

British International School is a unique private school in New York City, overlooking the East River in Manhattan, that combines the awesome structure of the International Baccalaureate program with the traditional English National curriculum. The school offers an early childhood program, a primary years program, and a middle years program. The Middle Years program is [...]

The British International School is one of New York City's finest and most original schools. A part of the international school tradition, the school uses the English National Curriculum along with the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. Education begins in preschool and runs up through the 14th year. Students are divided into an early childhood program, a [...]

The British International School is one of the most unique schools in New York City. Located in Manhattan overlooking the East River, this school offers an international education for nursery school students through eighth grade. The program is divided into an early years program for nursery school students ages three through seven, a primary years [...]

The Blue School is a relatively new school in New York City and in a short time has captured the essence of change in American education that a lot of people have been looking for. The school offers a preschool component, or Pre-Primary Program, a Primary Program, and a middle school. The Primary Program consists [...]

The Blue School, located on Water Street in Manhattan, started as a program for early childhood learning but has since expanded into a program for preschool children through eighth grade. The school is divided into three programs: Pre-Primary, for ages 2-4 Primary School, for grades K-5 Middle School, for grades 6-8 Students in the Pre-Primary [...]

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School offers a unique learning environment in Manhattan. Students begin in preschool, age 3, and work their way progressively through the grades until they graduate high school. What happens in between is one of life's greatest miracles, but it's not a mystery. Students learn critical thinking skills at every level of education [...]

The Leman Manhattan Preparatory School program truly prepares students to reach their academic, social, and emotional potential. It does this through a carefully constructed environment that is nurturing and supportive, embracing family, community, and citizenship. The Lower School offers a rich and diverse curriculum uniquely suited to the individual child. No two children are completely [...]

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is a unique school in Manhattan, New York City. Students learn to think critically in an international school environment while learning a foreign language and solving problems. The school is divided into a preschool, a lower school, a middle school, and an upper school. The educational process at Léman Manhattan Preparatory [...]

Formerly known as Claremont Preparatory School, the Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is situated in Lower Manhattan and offers programs for children of all ages from preschool (age 3) to twelfth grade. Owned by Meritas, the school is a strong international learning community that provides a rich educational experience. Starting at age 3, students at Léman [...]

Focus on Avenues High School

Avenues: The World School in Manhattan has seen some exciting growth since its opening in New York City in the fall of 2012, including the prestige of being named an Apple Distinguished School. This designation is awarded exclusively to programs meeting exceptional criteria for innovation, leadership, and educational excellence. The clear vision of an exemplary [...]

Avenues: The World School is a part of the growing and ever-expanding trend of international schools, many of which are popping up all over New York City. Avenues: The World School is a part of a worldwide network of schools that will eventually exist in several countries and different parts of the world, including: Latin [...]

The Windward School is a private school in White Plains that serves the Tri-State Area. Students attend the school from all over Manhattan and Long Island. The school has a strong academic program that caters to a broad spectrum of children. The academic program at The Windward School is language-intensive and multi-sensory with a focus [...]

The West End Day School is, as you might have guessed, located on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. The school's focus is on children ages five to thirteen who possess "mild to moderate" learning disabilities or emotional issues. The curriculum at West End Day School is designed for students who do not fit well [...]

Transfiguration School, located in Manhattan, is a Catholic school with a mission focus on immigrant children. The school was founded in 1832. Since then the school has graduated thousands of immigrant children with a grounded faith in the dignity of themselves and the human race. The school's curriculum begins at the preschool level and progresses [...]

The Ideal School is located in Manhattan and offers a special needs program for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. The high school is referred to as The Academy. The elementary school grades utilize an inclusion program. Faculty are dedicated to inspiring academic excellence in all students. The classes are kept small to maximize individual [...]

Focus On The Child School Curriculum

On Roosevelt Island in Manhattan there is a special needs school called The Child School. Founded in 1973, the school consists of an elementary school program, a middle school, and a high school geared toward students with learning disabilities. From the earliest ages, faculty strive to make every child at The Child School feel important. [...]

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