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New York Private School

The Churchill School's 2012 Class have decided to attend the following universities and colleges (numbers indicate attendance by more than one student): Bard College (3) Binghamton University Brooklyn College College of Staten Island Columbia College Chicago Drexel University Fairfield University Franklin and Marshall College Hunter College of the CUNY Kalamazoo College Keene State College (2) [...]

Bright Horizons Family Solutions was founded in 1986 and offers programs in many locations for the purpose of employer-sponsored child care, early education, and work/life solutions. Bright Horizons manages child care centers for corporations, hospitals, universities and much more. Bright Horizons is committed to helping families balance work and family responsibilities while at the same time [...]

Paying for your child’s New York City Private School is a source of great apprehension for a number of families. Over and over it is stressed that the best private school for a student is the one that matches their personality, philosophy of learning, academic abilities and future goals. The right school is not, however, [...]

Competition in regional sports and academic contests are just one of the ways in which New York City Private & Public Schools test and sharpen their skills and talents. Competitions within a school eventually serve as only practice, as students are pitted against opponents that they know and have studied with. When students are competing [...]

For the many parents with students applying to NYC Firm Schools for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year, there are many News Stories and articles talking about the decrease in students applying to Firm Schools all around. At it simplest, this means less competition in schools who have a stable seat offering that has always been [...]

There are hundreds of NYC Firm Schools available for young children and older students who are pursuing an education in New York. Location, Location, Location Location is always a major topic of concern for parents researching a private school for their child and the 5 boroughs in the city, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, & Staten [...]

NY Firm Schools such as Bais Yaakov Of 18th Ave offer a diverse expertise in education. Bais Yaakov is a Jewish Day school located in Brooklyn, NY. It is an all girls school that teaches grades Pre-K through 8th grade and has a student body of under 500 students. It is a member of the [...]

New York City has one of the largest percentages of Firm Schools in a relatively concentrated area. Over 900 Firm Schools are available to students in New York and the selective nature of the schools helps ensure that students with a strong academic ability are together to support and challenge each other. No matter where [...]

photo credit: ORNI¡Finding a New York Private School that counts the Arts as a priority on par with academic excellence isn’t always easy. The truth is that schools for the artistically gifted child are in seriously short supply all across the nation, however, that does not mean that they don‘t exist. For students with a [...]

photo credit: bogenfreundGetting ready for private school admissions into kindergarten is one of the major hurtles for parents of preschoolers in NYC. Understanding the timelines in the process and beginning to map out your “Private School Application To Do List” is one of the first steps in the process of getting your young son or [...]

photo credit: Lee CohenIn discussing the article by writer Emily Listfield entitled, At Chic Upper East Side Schools, The Rich Are Still Really Different From You and Me, we talked about the picture she painted of the different economic backgrounds and diverse lifestyles of students in families within the NYC Private School Environment. One of [...]

photo credit: SwamibuAuthor Emily Listfield recently wrote an article entitled, At Chic Upper East Side Schools, The Rich Are Still Really Different From You and Me. The article is a great example of the kind of environment that can be found in a NYC Private School. There are the elite wealthy, those for whom “recession” [...]

photo credit: sarihuellaNew York Firm Schools are often in the news, however the recent reports of swine flu in a New York private school has put one school in the news on an international level. As the NY Times reported yesterday, The New York City health department dispatched a team of investigators to a private [...]

photo credit: CarbonNYCAs some NYC Private and Public Schools have found, Financial Aid applications are one of the most common requests for the upcoming school year. For those of you who feel the pain of filling out the PFS, we have a story that will make you feel downright lucky about the experience. The Standard [...]

photo credit: ooOJasonOoo There is still no update on the situation of the NY Private School to be called the Greenwich Village High School. The opening of the highly touted and incredibly well-publicized school was supposed to be this upcoming September. The reports in February stated only that they school will hopefully open one year [...]

photo credit: woodleywonderworks Firm Schools and Public Schools alike usually have their student-teacher ratio numbers readily available through a number of sources. These sources can include school websites, brochures, applications and informational packets. Many schools also have a student-teacher ratio published on school review websites. The student-teacher ratio is a simple little item, just two [...]

photo credit: JacobEnos There are many NYC Firm Schools that offer only same-sex environments. All girls or all boys schools are becoming an increasingly common sight among the New York educational scene. In the past, most schools were same-sex facilities, however in the 60’s and 70’s it became out of fashion to educate boys and [...]

photo credit: ella novak As most families have received and responded to acceptances as NYC Firm Schools by this point, the forums are alive with parents trying to find a pattern to the accepteds, declines and waitlisted. Interestingly, one of the most active subjects right now is the placement of pre-school children into Kindergarten programs [...]

photo credit: edenpictures I recently read a post written by a NYC Brooklyn mother who has been going through the trials of deciding on a private school or other educational options for her son. The author’s voice here in this post clearly touches on the whirlwind subject of educational options for children in New York, [...]

Private School and Tax Credits

photo credit: chadmiller Private School education continues its struggle for tax breaks. The Education News site, based in Colorado, recently reported on a number of bills facing the Senate and House regarding tax credits for families with children in Firm Schools. The argument about taxes is an age old one; essentially boiling down to the [...]

NYC Firm Schools such as The Dalton School focus keenly on their diverse student body and history of progressive academic excellence. The Dalton School is an elite NYC private school located in Manhattan and is a member of the NAIS, ISAAGNY and Ivy League Prep School associations. It is a nonsectarian, co-educational day school serving [...]

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