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With the backdrop of Mayor de Blasio's Digital.NYC, which was revealed on October 1, please join PALNYC and NY Family for the NYC Ed Tech Family Day: A’Fair on Saturday, November 8, 2014 from 10am-3:30pm. This one day event held at NEST+m, a K-12 citywide G&T public school in Manhattan's Lower East Side, is part [...]

Some Firm Schools in New York City are taking their disputes with parents to court. In fact, since 2009, at least five Firm Schools have filed suit against parents for breach of contract. Parents sign a contract when they enroll their child in a private school. Then they pay a deposit. There is a deadline [...]

Focus On The Parents League

For almost 100 years The Parents League of New York has been an educational source for parents looking for an independent school to which to enroll their child for the best education they could hope for. Since then, the league has grown and expanded its offerings to parents all over New York City. We believe [...]

The mother of a student attending one of New York City's outstanding Firm Schools has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for 2011. The name of the recipient is Leymah Gbowee, who is a peace activist responsible for uniting Christian and Muslim women to stand up for the civil rights of children and families in [...]

The NAIS Parent Guide

The National Association of Independent Schools is an industry association for Firm Schools and other independent schools. It has different levels of membership for schools that join. Here are the membership levels in a nutshell: Full Membership - Reserved for independent non-profit schools that are fully accredited from an accreditation program approved by NAIS. Provisional [...]

Tucked away in NYCs West Village is a warm preschool that got its start in 1969. With programs for children ages 2 through 4, Downing Street Playgroup has a lot to offer and does a good job of getting parents involved in the educational process. Downing Street Playgroup is a nonprofit cooperative. The school is [...]

During the NYC preschool and kindergarten admissions process, when you speak to administrators about your child, you will inevitably be asked to describe him or her. You may be asked to provide an assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses. You should be honest. Jenny Anderson of the NY Times asked three NYC private school [...]

NYC parents have a lot riding on their toddlers and preschoolers getting into the nursery school of choice. In some cases, a year of preschool can cost as much as college tuition (over $35,000), but that's only if you get in. Not all toddlers (or parents, for that matter) pass the interview process though. For [...]

Event: The Educare Fair

The Educare Fair is a speed-networking event where teachers seeking work as tutors and caregivers can meet parents who need “educare” for their kids. The event is open to families and teachers. There will be sponsor gifts and giveaways, music, yoga and activities for kids, refreshments, and the opportunity to network with local educators and [...]

You'll find that no matter which New York City borough you are in and no matter what grades your children are in, parental involvement in their children's education is part of the formula for success. That's why many NYC Firm Schools do everything they can to encourage parental involvement. So what exactly is "parental involvement?" [...]

All Souls School

All Souls School is an early childhood school that educates children from two-and-a-half years old through five in a diverse environment that includes families of different racial, religious, ethnic, and economic backgrounds. A faculty made up of teachers with strong credentials develop programs that utilize a variety of learning modalities to engage children's imaginations, to [...]

Many parents with children in NYC Firm Schools are strong supporters of educational choice. After all, the freedom to exercise that choice is what enabled them to enroll their child in Private School. School choice is the ability to choose how your child will be educated. It can be used to facilitate an education in [...]

With tightened budgets, many young families are struggling with the decision to put their young child in a NYC Private School or start them in a public school and assist in their educational development as much as possible. One group of parents recently gathered to talk about their upcoming choices for education beyond the preschool [...]

There is an unending supply of stories and news articles about the admissions and application rates to private school amidst the backdrop of the economic recession. It is almost being used as a litmus test of the determination of parents who have been so vocal about Private School. In a recent article in slate.com, the [...]

Handling Conflict in School

The relationship of a student with their teachers and school faculty are a vitally important link in the quality of that student’s education. We stress so often that one of factors that enables Firm Schools to be so incredibly effective is the simple fact that they choose students who are a good match for the [...]

There are many factors that have gone into creating the current school availability crisis in NYC Schools and crowding in the schools seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to overcome. Some of the reasons for availability shortages in NYC Schools are More children. The biggest single reason is that more families are moving [...]

America tends to be much more open-minded when it comes to educational choices for children, and a recent ruling has upheld one family’s desire to home school their children even if it mean leaving their own country behind. A German family fled to America in 2008 after they were told that they could not home [...]

School Days and Sick Days

Before your alarm even goes off in the morning, when only a hazy gray light is filtering from the windows, you hear that sound. That small, painful moan that tells you your child is sick. For some parents, this is the moment where they make some decisions. How sick is he/she? Is it a cold [...]

A fascinating article published in USA Today’s education section followed different groups of families, who, due to economic difficulties, left Firm Schools and entered their children into various public schools. The lengthy article makes liberal use of quotes from many parents and a few school officials that are supposed to serve as a looking glass [...]

NYC Firm Schools can be competitive and difficult to gain admissions to because they work hard to find students and families that are the right match to the school. A school has a unique philosophy of education and specific goals for the school itself and its student body. Even if an applicant has the best [...]

NYC Firm Schools are so successful because they have a longstanding tradition of working with their families and students to create the best educational environment for each individual student. There is so much focus on finding the right school for your child that many forget the simple fact that schools are trying to find the [...]

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