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The Blue School, located on Water Street in Manhattan, started as a program for early childhood learning but has since expanded into a program for preschool children through eighth grade. The school is divided into three programs: Pre-Primary, for ages 2-4 Primary School, for grades K-5 Middle School, for grades 6-8 Students in the Pre-Primary [...]

Focus on St. Gregory the Great School Math

St. Gregory the Great School is a Manhattan-based Catholic private school whose mission is to instill Christian values in its students while preparing them for high school and college academically. Students learn to think critically and solve problems while receiving a well-rounded education. Starting with preschool and working up through eighth grade, students prepare for [...]


Focus On Lyceum Kennedy Math

Lyceum Kennedy is an international school consisting of a French language component and a Japanese component. Located in Manhattan, it offers a full bilingual program from kindergarten through twelfth grade. The preschool program includes nursery school, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. Students learn to be creative as they prepare for elementary school. In addition to preschool, Lyceum [...]


Focus On St. Joseph Hill Academy Elementary School

St. Joseph Hill Academy is a Catholic school in Staten Island, New York. The school is divided into an elementary school and a high school. The elementary school program at St. Joseph Hill Academy is designed for students from three years old through eighth grade. Students are admitted to St. Joseph Hill Academy as early [...]


Focus On The Medical Center Nursery School Math Program

The Medical Center Nursery School started as a support program for the children of interns and residents at The Presbyterian Hospital in Upper Manhattan. It has since expanded to open enrollment for children in the surrounding neighborhoods. Parents are highly encouraged to participate in their child's education. Faculty see students as budding little scientists, mathematicians, [...]


Focus On Red Balloon Learning Center

The Red Balloon Early Childhood Learning Center is located on Riverside Drive in Upper Manhattan. In fact, founded in 1972, the school is located inside a Columbia University residential building. The faculty and teaching staff at Red Balloon Learning Center see play time as the vehicle for learning and exploration. From the school's website: Play [...]


Merricat's Castle School was founded in 1974 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. An inclusive nonsectarian school, Merricat's has educational programs for children starting at age two and going up through preschool. The school offers three classes that appeal to children's imaginations and allows them to learn through playtime. The school uses age-appropriate materials [...]

Focus On Ascension School Math Curriculum

Ascension School is located between Broadway and Amsterdam in New York City. Faculty attempt to instill Catholic values in students as they follow a traditional curriculum plan. The school provides educational programs for pre-kindergarten (three-year-olds) through eighth grade. The math curriculum at Ascension School of New York City starts with the premise first offered by [...]


Focus On Beit Rabban Early Childhood Program

Beit Rabban, which means “school for young children," is a wonderful Jewish school located in Manhattan. The early childhood program is referred to as The Gan. Educating three to five year olds, The Gan offers a nurturing environment. Children learn to express themselves socially and intellectually in the classroom environment. They also engage in activities [...]


The Amity School in Brooklyn is well known for its strong academic programs. A K-12 school, they have programs for preschoolers (including a day care center), elementary school students, middle school students, and high schoolers. The early childhood education program consists of a day care center for young children, including a preschool, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. [...]

Focus On SAR Academy Preschool

SAR Academy is a Jewish school located in the Bronx. An orthodox yeshiva, they offer programs for children as young as preschool age and as old as high school age. The early childhood program at SAR Academy is designed for three year olds up through kindergarten. Qualified three year olds enter nursery school. Four year [...]


Focus On Adelphi Academy Preschool

Located in Brooklyn, Adelphi Academy is a coeducational college preparatory school for children from prekindergarten age through twelfth grade. Classes are kept small to maximize one on one time with teachers and small group time. Students come from all over the world. Early childhood education at Adelphi Academy consists of a child-centered learning environment that [...]


Focus On Lutheran Elementary Preschool

Lutheran Elementary School in Brooklyn has the tagline, "Walking into LES is like walking into a great big hug." The school caters to children from preschool age through eighth grade, offering a preschool program, an elementary school, and a middle school. Lutheran Elementary School is associated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and serves [...]


Focus On Leif Ericson Preschool

Leif Ericson Day School is a Christian school located in Brooklyn. The school is focused on five core values (compassion, community, diversity, justice, and respect) and offers programs from preschool through middle school. The preschool is designed for children ages three and four. There is also a kindergarten program. Three year olds meet Tuesday through [...]


Focus On East Midwood Hebrew Preschool

East Midwood Hebrew Day School is a Jewish religious school located in Brooklyn with programs for nursery school students through eighth grade. The school is divided into several programs that include a preschool, a primary school, and a middle school. The East Midwood preschool starts at nursery school and includes a pre-kindergarten program and kindergarten. [...]


Focus On AHRC Preschool

AHRC New York City is a family-governed organization located in Brooklyn with specific programs designed to appeal to children that fall on the autism spectrum. The school offers a middle school/high school program, an early childhood education division, and the Blue Feather Elementary School. The AHRC early childhood education department features several programs for preschool-age [...]


Focus On Sacred Heart of Jesus Preschool

Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Catholic school that focuses on programs for children in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Located in Manhattan, children can enter at the earliest age of three years old. Preschool consists of pre-kindergarten for three and four year olds and kindergarten. As with almost all preschools, three and four year olds [...]


Focus On Our Lady Queen Of Angels Preschool

In East Harlem, Our Lady Queen Of Angels has established a unique Catholic educational program for children from preschool through eighth grade. The school is a part of a network of schools called The Partnership For Inner-City Education that also includes: Immaculate Conception School Mt. Carmel-Holy Rosary School Sacred Heart School St. Athanasius School St. [...]


Focus On Cathedral School Preschool

Located in Manhattan, Cathedral School is an independent school with programs from nursery school through eighth grade. The early childhood program at Cathedral School consists of nursery school and preschool. Starting at age three, faculty take students and help wean them away from parents for the first time, assisting them to develop their independence. Teachers [...]


The School of Blessed Sacrament is a Catholic private school in Manhattan. The school has a program for preschool, or early childhood, students and for lower and upper school students. They educate through the eighth grade. Three-year-olds spend a great deal of time in playful learning. Students learn to be independent as they play and [...]

Focus On St. Hilda’s & St. Hugh’s Math Curriculum

St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's is a unique school in Manhattan. Their Episcopal program starts with two year olds and goes through eighth grade. In preschool (the early childhood program), students learn math through play-based activities. Formal math studies begin in kindergarten. The lower school, grades 1 through 3, is officially a part of the [...]

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