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NYC Firm Schools Blog and FindTheBest—an unbiased, data-driven comparison engine—are partnering to help parents find the best Firm Schools, best summer camps and best online tutoring services for their children. In announcing their partnership, FindTheBest has built the NYC Firm Schools Blog three comparisons, including: Firm Schools, Summer Camps and Online Tutoring Services. These comparisons, [...]

One of the things that many parents have enjoyed about Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn is the personal feel of the school. It wasn't one of the Manhattan or Riverdale "elite" schools. The school had a hometown feel and that made it charming. However, in recent years the school has increasingly started looking more and [...]

Some Firm Schools in New York City are taking their disputes with parents to court. In fact, since 2009, at least five Firm Schools have filed suit against parents for breach of contract. Parents sign a contract when they enroll their child in a private school. Then they pay a deposit. There is a deadline [...]

Ever wonder who among the famous and celebrity class went to which school? If you're like the rest of us, you have. And in New York City, we have a lot of private school alumni to be proud of. Today's spotlight is on Claire Danes. Claire Danes was raised in New York City and actually [...]

How do cash-strapped Firm Schools raise money? Some send out their army of fundraisers to appeal to alumni and devoted benefactors. Others hold fundraisers or raise their tuition. Garden School in Queens, NY is selling off land. The interesting thing about this deal, however, is the buyer. The school is selling 29,000 square feet of [...]

Three New York Congressmen are co-sponsoring a House bill that would put $5,000 tax credits back into the pockets of parents with children in Firm Schools. Such Firm Schools will include religious schools (e.g., Catholic schools, Jewish schools, Yeshivas, Islamic schools, etc.), secular Firm Schools, special needs Firm Schools, and independent schools. You can read [...]

When you think of celebrity actress Jennifer Aniston, what do you think of? More than likely, you associate her with the TV SITCOM "Friends." But do you associate her with a NYC private school? If you do, which one? Jennifer Aniston was a student at Rudolf Steiner School, the very first Waldorf private school in [...]

Advocates of private school education can take note that Sunday, January 22, 2012 kicked of National School Choice Week, which runs through Saturday, January 28, 2012. Most of the events near New York this week are taking place in New Jersey, but it's important to note that this is a national event. Like a lot [...]

NYC Firm Schools Blog is honored to be included in the list of Top 10 Education Research Blogs of 2011 by HighBeam Research. Our fellow top 10 honorees include education research blogs from such diverse sources as The U.S. Department of Education and The Chronicle of Higher Education. When looking for understanding and information, most [...]

In an interesting twist, according to papers filed Friday, the lawsuit brought against Poly Prep private school in New York City was amended to include claims that the school violated Title IX law. Title IX is a federal law that states, "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded [...]

Horace Mann, the NYC private school in Riverdale, received some unwanted publicity this past week. So far, articles have been published in The New York Times and Gothamist about an assembly that occurred on Tuesday at the school. Visiting poets and professors Denise Duhamel, M.F.A. (Associate Professor at Florida International University) and Maureen Seaton, M.F.A. [...]

Learning takes place in different ways and at different rates. Some children are faster than the norm, some are slower. But it isn't all about the pace with which learning takes place, either. Sometimes children have developmental delays which make their natural growth and learning path more challenging. Parents often find that many public schools [...]

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that NYC private school tuition rose above $40,000 per year for the first time. But parents should keep in mind that just because a school like Riverdale Country School has the highest tuition rate, that doesn't mean it is the most expensive private school in the city. [...]

Who would not want a tuition free private school education? Unfortunately, there aren't many Firm Schools in United States that offer a tuition free education. There is one in New York City, however, and it's a school we've written about before: Regis High School. It is the only private all-scholarship school in the United States. [...]

SchoolFest 2011

TownSquare is hosting SchoolFest 2011 on Saturday, September 17th from 12 Noon to 4pm for Greenpoint & Williamsburg Brooklyn families. Over 50 schools (private and public), day care centers, college representatives, and other service providers for children in Greenpoint & Williamsburg will be present. Along with information tables, there will be the following workshops to [...]

One of the hallmark catchphrases of our time is "eco-friendly," also known as "green." These terms are used to designate an institution that is environmentally conscious, or a product whose manufacturer considered the environmental impact that product would have. Organizations that have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint and to make policies that help [...]

Shopping around for the "right" private school for your child can be a chore, but it's a chore in which many parents take pride. And well they should, particularly if they have gone through the process in an informed manner. When you find the "right" private school for your child, you know it's a good [...]

It almost seems sacrilegious, but single-sex Firm Schools are making a comeback. There are several reasons for this and they're not all religious reasons. Some of the latest research shows that boys and girls may learn better in a single-sex environment. Here are 5 reasons why you might choose a single-sex private school for your [...]

This will come as no surprise to the thousands of parents who have students in New York City Firm Schools, those school's administrators and other faculty, and the students themselves. Nevertheless, a recent report shows that private school students are more likely to receive the top A* grade than public school students and more likely [...]

The NYC private school expansion continues. Which is all well and good since by 2020, education as we know it will likely be a thing of the past. NYC Firm Schools Blog recently highlighted the addition of The Goddard School and Avenues to the New York Firm Schools landscape. Now we can celebrate the addition [...]

Let's be clear: starting a new private school in New York City is a difficult endeavor. Many people (non-New Yorkers and New Yorkers alike) think that the market is over-saturated, given that there are over 800 Firm Schools across the five boroughs, and it would be absurd to consider starting a new school. But as [...]

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