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Poly Prep Issues Apology For Decades of Sex Abuse of Students

The Headmaster & Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Poly Prep Country Day School issued the following statement on Feb, 21, 2014. It is reproduced here in full: "As many of you know, a year ago Poly Prep reached a settlement with survivors of sexual abuse perpetrated by Coach Phil Foglietta during his tenure [...]


JFK Profile In Courage Scholarship

John F. Kennedy, besides being well known as a former president, is famous for writing a book titled "Profiles in Courage." In honor, of America's 35th president, the JFK Presidential Library and Museum is offering $10,000 to a high school student for the best essay. The essay contest is called JFK Profiles in Courage Essay [...]


Say NO To Bullying Scholarship

Considering the fact that bullying can lead to long-term health consequences, it is more than appropriate that EnergizeStudents.org is sponsoring the 2013 Say NO To Bullying Scholarship contest. The contest rules ask entrants to submit a video no longer than four minutes long that provides a solution to bullying through a scripted bullying scenario. A [...]


2013 Power Poetry Scholarship

Students who are also poets have a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship just by entering the 2013 Power Poetry Scholarship Program. The scholarship is being offered by Power Poetry, the first mobile poetry community for youth. The contest is open to students 13 to 25 years old who are either high school or college [...]

Enter The Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship Contest

To enter the Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship contest you have to have at least one year of higher education left to complete. That means that even high school students can enter. It also means your older sister can apply if she hasn't finished college. ;-) All kidding aside, the contest is open to anyone 16 [...]


Enter The NSLI For Youth Scholarship Program

Foreign language study is one of the most enriching experiences life has to offer. What if we told you that you could, as a high school student, study a foreign language while living abroad at someone else's expense? That's precisely what we're telling you. The National Security Language Initiative for Youth Study Abroad (NSLI-Y) scholarship [...]


2013 Linux Training Scholarship Program

If you spent part of your high school years learning about Linux, then the Linux Foundation would like to offer you a scholarship opportunity. The 2013 Foundation Linux Training Scholarship Program is set up around five categories, one of which is for Whiz Kids - high school and college graduates familiar with Linux but who [...]


The Bruce Lee Foundation is offering scholarships to young scholars with knowledge of Bruce Lee, his life, and his work. The scholarship competition is open to anyone 16 years of age or older and who are planning to attend a two-year college, four-year university, licensed trade school, or a licensed vocational school in the United [...]

Win A Voyage To Discovery Essay Scholarship

Current high school and middle school students have a chance to enter a unique and fun scholarship contest. The Voyage To Discovery Essay Scholarship contest asks students to write and submit an essay on “an African-American individual or group who made a significant contribution to U.S. maritime history.” If you like history, this is the [...]


Global Youth Connect, a human rights education and activism organization, is accepting applications from budding young human rights leaders for its Summer 2013 programs, which will take place in Rwanda and in New York City. MORE INFO: http://www.globalyouthconnect.org/participate Each program brings youth from around the world together with youth and young adults in the host [...]

College acceptances are one, amongst MANY criteria, that parents, educators, and students use to judge the quality of a NYC private school. Based of the results of the students of Poly Prep's 2012 class this year, Poly Prep should be quite proud. Students in the class of 2012 at Poly Prep have been accepted into [...]

A New York City high school senior has won a very prestigious award from Princeton University. Ayisha McHugh, from Poly Prep graduating class of 2012, won the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for her community service work in starting an organization that enables students to safely discuss race, gender, identity, and diversity issues. Her organization [...]

The student to teacher ratios at most of the New York City Firm Schools is relatively small. This is considered one of the most beneficial aspects of a private school because it enables close interactions between students and teachers. There is no way to slip between the cracks and fail when you are noticed, front [...]

Many parents with children in NYC Firm Schools are strong supporters of educational choice. After all, the freedom to exercise that choice is what enabled them to enroll their child in Private School. School choice is the ability to choose how your child will be educated. It can be used to facilitate an education in [...]

There have been so many reports and wonderful stories about courage and survival in Haiti after the devastating earthquake that many longed for the good news in stories. Many felt that the good news was found in the stories of those children who made it to NYC to live with relatives and friends and the [...]

Handling Conflict in School

The relationship of a student with their teachers and school faculty are a vitally important link in the quality of that student’s education. We stress so often that one of factors that enables Firm Schools to be so incredibly effective is the simple fact that they choose students who are a good match for the [...]

Your older child has a responsibility to make the most of his or her educational opportunities and work to be the best student they can be. There are no amount of loving parental excuses to compensate for a bright child who simply does not try or let them be invested in their own learning. So [...]

School interviews and parent essays are just some of the ways in which a clearer picture of your child is brought into focus for the school admissions staff. The best of the NYC Firm Schools will adhere to the policy that scores do not mean everything. Just because a child scores in the top 98% [...]

The classic environment for admissions into NYC Private School is an eager and hopeful parents with young child, Pre-K or entering Kindergarten, who is about to embark on an educational journey they will benefit from for the rest of their lives. What happens when the journey begins in a public school, though? And what happens [...]

A Very Public Day Off

Many years and whole generations ago, skipping school was a risky chance that was occasionally taken. As long as no one saw you and your teacher didn’t speak to your parents in person you probably earned yourself a story to tell your friends. As years passed and truancy officers became popular, skipping school was something [...]

Private School Choices

Private School choices offer students and their families the opportunity to tailor the educational experience they wish for. Instead of having your child enrolled in the closest public school, or the one with more room, where the academic program is geared towards passing specific tests in order to ensure future government funding for the school, [...]

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